Security in Fashion Retail

RFID in the textile industry – A success story after all?

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The topic of RFID is becoming more and more important for the entire retail sector – despite the fact that the debate about the use of this technology is still dominated by data protection concerns. Especially for the textile industry however, there are a whole number of advantages particularly for retailers, which cannot be ignored. Then there are also a number of other modern security solutions, the textile and apparel industry in particular can benefit from.

Interview with Sabine Stockmann, Business Development Manager, Nedap Retail

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Sabine Stockmann is Business Development Manager at Nedap Retail. In this EuroCIS interview, she explains why the use of RFID can provide benefits particularly for the textile industry in terms of goods and inventory management and which security solutions are available today.

Interview with Richard Doll, Managing Director of Serfides

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The textile trade is particularly often a victim of counterfeiters. Serfides has developed a new solution to combat piracy, which is based on two shared electronic identification features and was presented at EuroCIS 2013. Managing Director Richard Doll explains the advantages of the solution.