Shoplifting: Prevention pays off

Source: ADT

There is no typical shoplifter – one acts from poverty, the other gets a kick out of it. Hence there is no patent remedy for protection against theft.
EuroCis shows why shoplifting is not a force of nature and why electronic article surveillance is a rewarding but complex task.
Source: Checkpoint
Shoplifting is not some force of nature, something can be done about it. Alert staff plus modern technology – only this combination reduces losses. Doing nothing is not an option, because if competitors arm themselves, thieves will go where the risk is lowest. Small speciality stores are often the ones left holding the bag.
 Marco Lange, ADT Sensomatic
Investments to prevent theft pay off, but they need to be proportionate to losses. What counts is Return on Investment (ROI). This is why Marco Lange, Retail Sales Director for ADT Sensomatic in Ratingen, does not have a panacea in the fight against thieves. In an interview he explains, why anti-theft protection is a complex task, how technology and trained personnel complement each other and how the new outsourcing-offer from ADT was received by the EuroCIS trade fair visitors.
Source: Avery Dennison
Thomas Willing had every reason to smile at the EuroCIS: The Managing Director of Avery Dennison in Europe was there when Gerry Weber received the Award for Innovation from the EHI (Association of the European Heating Industry) for introducing its anti-theft system with RFID. During production, the fashion retailer has newly developed care labels by Avery Dennison, which contain a RFID transponder, sewn into all its textiles. In this interview, Willing describes the collaboration and talks about the future of RFID.