Theft and burglary protection

Retail defends itself against thieves, burglars and robbersr

Banks have become more and more secure, so bank robberies pay off less and less. Criminals have their eyes on retail. Oftentimes, they wait for employees before a store opens or after it closes and force them to hand over all cash. Alternatively, criminals break in at night. What retailers can do to provide more security for their employees and customers is showcased every year at the EuroCIS trade show.

Interview with Stephan Seifert, Managing Director Sales and Service for Gunnebo Germany

Safes, security doors and money counting machines – a great deal in the area of security comes from the banking sector. This is also the case for the Swedish manufacturer Gunnebo. Stephan Seifert started out in its German subsidiary in 2002 in Sales for banks and savings institutions. In 2009, he assumed leadership and since the beginning of 2012 is Managing Director of Sales and Service for banks and retail markets. He believes that the retail market, banks and carriers will work more closely together in handling cash. He says professional cash management also pays off for smaller retailers.

Interview with Ralph Siegfried, Consultant Business Development Retail, Axis Communications Germany

Video surveillance is part of the standard when it comes to prevention of theft and burglaries. Yet there is a lot happening right now in this area. Cameras are becoming more capable and can do more than just monitor things as Ralph Siegfried from Axis Communications points out in our interview. Intelligent cameras can assist in predicting waiting times at the checkout or in analyzing buying behavior of customers.