Dossier: Data Management

Overview: Dossier: Data Management

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Cloud Computing


Cloud computing can – if used properly – also have a huge potential for retailers to create flexible systems by making information, important applications and even entire business processes available and usable in real-time via the Internet.
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Continuing Education in Retail


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – a saying that did not encompass today’s knowledge on lifelong learning just yet. Online, offline, full time, part time, alone or in a team: the possibilities for individual continuing education in retail are as varied as the product choices in the store. Most importantly: there is something for everyone.
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Maintenance, Support and Service in Retail


Retail hardware solutions are becoming more and more complex, and maintenance more elaborate –regardless of whether it is a checkout, a scale, a kiosk terminal or a mobile scanner. This also increases demands on manufacturer services. After all: the more complicated the application, the more often there are malfunctions. It’s a good thing that a lot of today’s equipment is interconnected. Remote service significantly simplifies service for retailers and manufacturers.
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Cloud Computing


Providers promise that retail can increase its flexibility and economic efficiency by using Cloud Computing. Such services via the Internet increase the dependency on external partners, but there are also many advantages. External servers and large-capacity computers store large data volumes that incur in Internet retailing and social marketing. Small retailers could also benefit from some Cloud Applications.
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Workforce Management Planning


Employees are not machines; they are human beings with different needs. The cashier is grateful if she can switch her shift on short notice because of her child. It’s the same further up in the hierarchical ladder, when a young category manager has the feeling that “the people at the top“ evaluate his skills fairly. Both stay loyal to their company.
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ERP processes


Jack Wolfskin changes its processes over to the ”Dynamics AX 2012“ software by Microsoft. The outdoor clothing and equipment retailer expects high flexibility, scalability and lots of creative freedom. Will its wishes come true? ERP projects are often a massive effort and are frequently a lot more expensive than originally planned. We shed a light on what this is attributed to and what you can do about it in this focal topic.
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Inventory Management


Restocking merchandise and scanning it – that’s part of everyday life in retail. During the annual inventory, merchandise needs to be tallied once a year. Oftentimes your own employees and the mobile scanners are just not enough. Now is the chance for external service providers.
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Sales analysis software


Empty shelves are just as bad as non-saleable surplus. That’s why commercial enterprises place ever stronger demands on logistics. Ordering times are shortened. At the same time, retailers are trying to better forecast future demand of products by implementing analysis and forecasting software. The starting point however is a working inventory management.
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Workforce Management


Personnel is the biggest expense factor in retail. But a good staff is an important capital. Those who want to reduce personnel costs, should therefore not save in staff, but rather deploy the existing manpower more effectively. A special software for personnel planning (PEP) helps with this – and it is not just worthwhile for large businesses.
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CRM - Customer care and Customer retention


Mom and pop knew every customer of their store personally. They knew which product suited which of their customers. Today, chain stores have pushed the small merchants aside, but they would like to know their customers as well as good old mom and pop did. Customer relationship management helps them with this. But CRM is more than just a buzz word; it is a higher standard for the entire company.
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