Cloud Computing

Cloud Applications – a topic for many retailers

Providers promise that retail can increase its flexibility and economic efficiency by using Cloud Computing. Such services via the Internet increase the dependency on external partners, but there are also many advantages. External servers and large-capacity computers store large data volumes that incur in Internet retailing and social marketing. Small retailers could also benefit from some Cloud Applications.

Interview with Volker Giessler, Senior Industry Consultant Retail, Teradata

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Volker Giessler manages products in the data warehouse division for European enterprises. He views Teradata as the leading global solutions provider for large data volume analytics. Teradata includes almost three quarters of the global Top 20 commercial enterprises among its customers. In June, the US company with its German subsidiary in Augsburg has completed the acquisition of eCircle from Munich into its Cloud subsidiary Aprimo portfolio. In this interview, Volker Giessler talks about the advantages of Cloud Applications for integrated marketing management.