Omnichannel Commerce

“Many touchpoints increase customer loyalty“

Interview with Roland Fesenmayr, CEO of OXID eSales AG

Picture: Roland Fesenmayr

(© OXID eSales AG)

In omnichannel commerce, retailers can reach their customers in many different situations. Nevertheless, brick-and-mortar retailing remains an important part of the customer journey. In this interview, Roland Fesenmayr, CEO of OXID eSales, explains how retailers can successfully address their customers at very different points.

“Usability is essential for the shopping experience“

Interview with Eric Jankowfsky, CEO of Jankowfsky AG

Picture: Eric Jankowfsky

(© Jankowfsky AG)

“What is the best way to connect my online store with my branch offices?“ This is a question many retailers are currently asking themselves. We spoke with Eric Jankowfsky, Managing Director of Jankowfsky AG, about the challenges for retailers and the influence of mobile commerce.

“Only a powerful network infrastructure makes omnichannel retailing possible“

Interview with Christian Schallenberg, CTO, Lancom Systems GmbH

Picture: Christian Schallenberg

(© Lancom Systems GmbH)

To be successful in omnichannel commerce, a retailer, above all, needs a powerful IT infrastructure. Current solutions make it possible to load the different channels together. This also includes the highly integrated radio access point by LANCOM Systems, which received the Retail Technology Award 2015 at the EuroCIS 2015. CTO Christian Schallenberg explains why this hardware is helpful for every omnichannel retailer.