Profiting From the Online Boom

Success factors in online retail

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Online retail keeps growing and retailers can’t afford to not provide services on this channel. However, the step towards a separate online store isn’t always easy and there are a number of factors that are key to being successful in e-commerce.

“We were able to detect significant differences in the maturity level both between the industry sectors and within the individual industries“

Interview with Marco Atzberger, Member of Management, EHI Retail Institute

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For the “Maturity Analysis Online Shops 2014“, the EHI Retail Institute reviewed more than 700 shops and determined the most important factors for successful online shop operation. In this interview, Marco Atzberger explains what makes for a great online shop and which industry sectors really excel in online retail.

“Even experienced online shoppers prefer certified stores“

Interview with Thorsten Scharmacher, Director “EHI Certified Online Shop“, EHI Retail Institute

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The “EHI Certified Online Shop“ seal of approval, which has been awarded since 1999, makes a quality assessment of stores possible. Thorsten Scharmacher from the EHI Retail Institute explains the criteria stores need to meet to become certified and how they help storeowners to increase customer satisfaction.