Digital Merchandising - Static is so yesterday

The eyes lust for more and technology makes it happen: digital signage provides an almost infinite pool of presentation types for advertising managers. In a time when multichannel retailing has become the workhorse, these types of advertising can also be linked and contents updated at the touch of a button.

Interview with Klaus Lach, VMM

© Klaus Lach, VMM
An exciting shopping experience is a great shopping experience. What makes it so great? Mainly the kind of presentation at the POS. That’s why digital technologies find more and more areas of application with which retailers can turn shopping into an experience. Klaus Lach, Vice President of the European Visual Marketing Merchandising Association (VMM), talks about the dramatization at the POS, stores that seem to be able to do without products and the creative battle for the customer.

Interview with Matthias Setzer, PayPal Deutschland

© paypal Deutschland GmbH
The piece of clothing you have been looking for is right there in the shop window, but the store is closed? Starting now, this is no longer a problem. In cooperation with the City Management of Oldenburg, PayPal currently offers an innovative way of shopping that sets new standards. Customers are now able to shop after hours or on holidays and Sundays in Germany thanks to QR code shopping. In our current interview, Matthias Setzer, Director Merchant Services at PayPal Deutschland GmbH, explains how this model works.