Digital Signage

Digital Signage - an emerging medium at the breakthrough? After the retailers hesitated in investing in the new technology for several reasons, providers now are expecting the big boom.
But are those new advertising monitors really more than just electronic price signs?
Digital Signage is an emerging medium. Providers were expecting the big boom for the advertising monitors at the Point of Sale. After the first test installations, the large breakthrough was missing, because investment costs are high and the operation expensive. And then the financial crises hit the world on top of it.

An interview with Oliver Poppelbaum, Managing Director of ECE flatmedia in Hamburg

ECE and its daughter ECE flatmedia want to help the Digital Signage media to have a break through in its shopping centers. The real estate managers from Hamburg equipped 43 of their own shopping centers with about 900 screens. By the end of 2010 this is supposed to increase to 46 shopping centers.

Interview with Michael Steden, Managing Director of Cretivo

Michael Steden foresees a great future for Digital Signage, but warns about exaggerated hopes. He is Managing Director of long-time EuroCIS-exhibitors HJE from Lennestadt in North Rhine-Westphalia and also manages the subsidiary Cretivo.