Personnel management in retail



eCommerce is becoming increasingly important and the customers are informed as never before. The sales staff in the store will, however, continue to be an increasingly important resource for retailers, because a competent personal consultation at the store is still crucial for the shopping experience. Therefore personnel management has a central role for the sales success at the POS.

"Motivated employees are more efficient"

Interview with Markus Meyr, Marketing Director of Corporate Sales for mydays GmbH

Picture: Markus Meyr

(© mydays GmbH)

One of the most important factors for a company's success are the employees. Markus Meyr develops creative ideas for corporate clients at mydays for successful employee retention and motivation. In this interview he explains what companies must do today in order to motivate employees in the long term.

"Many smart innovations come from employees"

Interview with Sebastian Paas, Partner Consulting, KPMG AG

Picture: Sebastian Paas


Digitalization forces retail to increasingly face new challenges. Setting up your own online store is by no means enough. Retailers need to remain innovative and flexible. The key to this can often be found in your own company with ideas from employees. In this interview, Sebastian Paas, Partner at KPMG, talks about digitalization strategies for retailers and the innovative power in your own store.

"Knowing when 'power hours' occur is crucial for personnel planning"

Interview with Bill McCarthy, ShopperTrak and James Cook, Thomas Sabo

Picture: Bill McCarthy/James Cook

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Store employees play a big role in ensuring that customers receive a superior shopping experience. This is why retailers need reliable shopper data to understand key shopping timeframes, including busy periods, and to adjust their staffing needs accordingly. In doing so, brands can ensure that the right employees are on the shop floor at the right times.