EuroCIS in Düsseldorf

Visions of Retail: Prof. Benoit, University of Surrey

How technologies will drive retail

Visitor's Corner: Stefan Ziegler, Coca Cola European Partners Germany

Recording out-of-stock situations in real time

Visitor's Corner: Rikus Kolster, Lekkerland

... about the lively discussions at EuroCIS 2018

Visions of Retail: Michael Mette, IKEA

Digitization creates new needs in furniture trade

Visions of Retail: Jens Siebenhaar, REWE

Interview with REWE Systems GmbH

Visitor's Corner: Torsten Sydow, Mars GmbH

... about his impressions of EuroCIS 2018

Success is no coincidence: Business Analytics in retail

Make it easy: Optimizing the checkout process

Of contactless and mobil payment

In the rickshaw with ... Maik Althoff, Honeywell

Processing online orders efficiently via headset

In the rickshaw with ... João Rodrigues, youbeep

Invisible payment technologies

Robotics and virtual systems for brick-and-mortar retail

They need to be interactive and autonomous

Exhibitor interviews 2018


Displays for POP are gettinger more and more digital

Photo: sales display in the form of a grand piano; copyright: iXtenso/Pott

Photo gallery: We proudly present our new exhibitors from around the world

Photo gallery: New products and innovations from EuroCIS

Paul, Artificial Intelligence as a Salesperson

Robots do have the potential to improve shopping experience

Let's get mobile at EuroCIS!

Flexible, functional and efficient mobile solutions

EuroCIS - Social Wall


Psychographic targeting: fostering a personalized online customer approach

Photo: Icons of people of different ethnic backgrounds; copyright:

Interview with Professor Joost van Treeck, Consumer Psychologist at the University of Applied Sciences Fresenius in Hamburg

Artificial Intelligence: a real opportunity for brick-and-mortar retailers

Combining personalized service with AI to optimally reach the customer

It’s all about the right fabrics: an industry sector is entering the digital age

… and how the B2C sector shows the B2B sector the many online possibilities

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