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2021-10-05: Together you are never alone: Stay up-to-date with EuroCIS!


RFID in retail: revitalizing a popular technology? •Profile - Our new service for you! • Is there a way for mobile wallets? • ARetail industry targeted by malicious emails • Apply: EuroShop RetailDesign Award • retail salsa: Your perfectly seasoned energy saving plan • Good reasons to attend EuroCIS 2022!
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2021-09-07: Looking to the future: Essentials for tomorrow


Groceries in ten minutes – A review of delivery services • Trade fair as a powerful medium: EuroCIS 365 shows how the role of the trade fair is expanding in a digital world • Re-commerce picks up speed • Autonomous shopping experience • How BabyOne achieves a customer-centric omnichannel transformation • Digital assistants for e-commerce • Flexible omnichannel purchase experiences
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2021-08-03: Efficient, easy, emission-friendly - technology helps!


Seamless shopping • RFID technology in-store to improve profitability • Using retail tech innovation for CX • Good reasons to attend EuroCIS 2022! • Recycle and sort - What can be done for the environment?
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2021-07-06: The right technology for every use case


Optimizing warehouse management and e-commerce order fulfillment • Rise in conversational commerce with brands • U.S. millennials want to do business on chat • Good reasons to attend EuroCIS 2022! • Tech-enabled traceability and the ‘new era of smarter food safety’ • Mobile gaming experiences in retail apps
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2021-05-04: Smart checkout – tomorrow's technologies today


Sustainable smart stores: Concept of the future? • How can AR influence what customers purchase? • Improving digital customer communications • EuroCIS 2022: Become an exhibitor now! • Biometric payment – gaining the upper hand • retail salsa - Spice up your community
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2021-04-08: The autonomous customer – with the help of technology!


Photos: Shopping 24/7 – International examples of unmanned store concepts • EuroCIS 2022: Become an exhibitor now! • The fitting rooms of the future: CLOTH3D • A mobile robot analyzes shoppers' behavior • Click & Pep: Bringing pizzazz to your sale – Webtalk „retail salsa“ on 2021/04/28 • Virtual try-on solutions for eyeglasses thanks to AI
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2021-03-09: Smart delivery service - technology on the rise


Smart solutions: reinventing package deliveries? • New pandemic-driven sales approaches • NUST launches frictionless shopping solution • Self-checkout on the advance • Automated and 100% touchless associate health screening kiosk • Key technology trends that will shape businesses
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2021-02-09: Closer to the customer using more technology


Online size advisors – All about the perfect size and fit • retail salsa: Spicy flavor for your local online marketing • New retail laboratory store in Canada with frictionless tech • Remote video content management for hybrid working • review: Skilled returns management for more customer loyalty
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2021-01-12:Digitization - not always visible, but noticeable!


Smart store: the invisible digitization • retail salsa: fine-tuning your returns strategy • Walmart and Gatik go driverless in Arkansas • First data technician apprenticeship • How do I optimize my business for voice commerce?
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2020-10-12: Store, warehouse, branch - technology wherever you look


Customer experience: Make it speedy, safe and simple, please! • Autonomous delivery • EuroCIS 2021 called off • "Retail Salsa - Spice up your community" on 2021/01/27 • EWarehouse management: Maximizing space utilization and the customer experience • Grocery shoppers opting for virtual carts during pandemic • Smart home payments rising, driven by voice assistants
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