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2022-05-16: The final sprint has begun - the goal: EuroCIS


Technology Stage and Connected Retail Stage with a wide range of lectures • Optimally prepared thanks to the EuroCIS Matchmaking app • retail salsa Tech Talk - live from EuroCIS • Start-up hub – the future in sight • Webtalk: Using digital price tags to whet customers' appetites • “Small, compact and always handy” – The benefits of mobile printers
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2022-05-03: EuroCIS is at the gates - step inside


Imaginative and courageous - start-ups at EuroCIS • Interactive Networking at EuroCIS: It's a match • retail salsa webtalk series: Using digital price tags to whet customers' appetites • Why apps are becoming indispensable for customer loyalty • Fast and reliable authentication of banknotes • “On the Fly” provides checkout-free store experience
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2022-04-05: Technology innovations at EuroCIS 2022


Computer vision transforms checkout processes in retail • Finding relevant contacts - with our improved networking • Guided Innovation Tours at EuroCIS 2022 • Program of the Technology Stage and the Connected Retail Stage • Our next webtalk topics add flavor to your business • Automation in store management for SØR • Trade fair planner for visitors
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2022-03-08: Technological advancements: from yesterday to tomorrow


Automated workforce management • EuroCIS in Düsseldorf celebrates anniversary: 25 years of the IT innovation platform specifically for retail • "retail salsa" Scan & Go: Attractive marketing tool and queue stopper • New study on customer experience: "Core Web Vitals Monitor" shows weaknesses of websites
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2022-02-08: Building retail hybrid – better today than tomorrow


Postponement of EuroCIS! • Avoiding web shop and staff overload with SaaS application • retail salsa: Getting a taste for it • Hybrid commerce: the key to retail success • in-store asia from 29 June to 01 July 2022 • IT priorities 2022: CIOs emerge as the champion of the pandemic
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2022-01-18: Postponed to better times: EuroCIS will take place in May


Postponement of EuroCIS! • Touchless interaction for retail displays • retail salsa: SGetting a taste for it • Turning products into 3D models in minutes
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2021-12-07: On the road to the future: Get your ticket for EuroCIS 2022 now!


Visit EuroCIS 2022! • Many market leaders are already on board in 2022.... • retail salsa: Sweet and enticing: honey for your customer loyalty • EuroCIS Stages – hotspots for trends and current insights • Technologies for retail inventory operations
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2021-11-04: Checkout and store concepts of tomorrow – today?


Automated smart stores: Never run out of milk for your cereal ever again! – Promising staff-free store concepts • Trade Show – Live-experience AND hybrid value • Honey for your customer loyalty – Webtalk "retail salsa" on 08.12.2021 at 4 p.m. • retail salsa: Your perfectly seasoned energy saving plan • The Checkout Counter: POS is a Jack-of-all-Trades
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2021-10-05: Together you are never alone: Stay up-to-date with EuroCIS!


RFID in retail: revitalizing a popular technology? • Profile - Our new service for you! • Is there a way for mobile wallets? • Retail industry targeted by malicious emails • Apply: EuroShop RetailDesign Award • retail salsa: Your perfectly seasoned energy saving plan • Good reasons to attend EuroCIS 2022!
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2021-09-07: Looking to the future: Essentials for tomorrow


Groceries in ten minutes – A review of delivery services • Trade fair as a powerful medium: EuroCIS 365 shows how the role of the trade fair is expanding in a digital world • Re-commerce picks up speed • Autonomous shopping experience • How BabyOne achieves a customer-centric omnichannel transformation • Digital assistants for e-commerce • Flexible omnichannel purchase experiences
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