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2020-01-09: More technology - less waiting


Intelligent fresh food counter • EuroCIS goes Fulfillment • Smart technology solutions to clean • Online grocery retail in Canada •Big EuroShop365 survey • Intelligent measurement solutions to mitigate fluctuating power demand • QR Code touch-free payment technology in CVS Pharmacy stores • Brands must optimize digital or face “serious consequences” • Relaunch: EuroShop 3|6|5 – Your community mag
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2020-04-08: Back to Business: unmanned and powerful


Checkout-free and unmanned stores • An industry first • concept for hygiene and infection protection - Count on us • Smart Energy Management at EuroCIS 2021 • Nike’s latest retail concept • COVID-19:AI in the spotlight • Relaunch: EuroShop 3|6|5 – Your community mag
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2020-07-07: Digital technologies - for more freedom of movement


Mobile devices: A must-have for pop-up stores • New Virtual Farmers' Market announced by Chipotle • Cost-cutting to accelerate outsourcing of payment • The future of trade show booth concepts • 23% of the global population to use mobile POS payments by 2024 • Virtual card adoption accelerates to over $5 trillion • ENERGY STORAGE EUROPE
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2020-02-06: The app that does everything


Creative criminal meets intelligent security system • Job maker 4.0: e-commerce • 3 Questions To ...Vanjo Wandscher, ROQQIO Commerce Solutions • WhatsApp Business: A direct line to costumers • What is important? Things to look for in a payment solution • Instant messaging users increasing, as new payment services emerge • Digitization in wholesale industry
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2020-05-05: Online shop - technologically and customer-oriented on the spot!


How to make sure online shop doesn't collapse • Corona crisis: contactless payment more popular • What must payment systems be capable of today? • Personal messages from the online shop • c-star Shanghai from 2 to 4 September 2020 • All hands on deck in food retailing due the coronavirus • WirVonHier – Virtual strolling trough retailers from the neighborhood • AI helps retailers with accounting
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2020-04-09: Tips, tricks and trends in e-commerce


Online shopping: Password? No need! • 3D product configuration • 3 Questions for ... Reflexis • 3 Questions for ... Blue Bite • Fintechs are reshaping the german payment industry • Cutting trough the tax jungle
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2020-03-03: Technologies on the advance: innovative today, standard tomorrow!


Innovation in sales! • The smarter solution: hands-on Retail Technology • How nanomaterials could lower retail waste and speed up the stock take • Balance of customer experience and operation efficiency is vital • Smart Retail Technology – apps, self-checkout & unmanned Stores • AI: The innovation of today is the standard of tomorrow• Shaping the retail sector together: OUTFORM
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2020-02-04: Compact security - also at EuroShop


Compact for security • Retail automation market soaring to reach $23.58 billion by 2026 • POS software annual spending to surpass $1.7 billion by 2024 • Stages of EuroShop 2020 • Underestimated customers: Seniors and teenagers • Checklist for EuroShop 2020 • retail technology awards europe (reta) • The future of retail • Discover EuroShop 2020!
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2020-01-07: And which technologies will you be banking on in 2020?


Enhanced, interactive, virtual – it’s all about the experience! • “Knowledge4Retail”: Artificial intelligence in retail • Millennials reached for mobile devices to shop for holiday 2019 • Stages of EuroShop 2020 • 3 questions to … Michael Suswal, Standard Cognition • Artificial intelligence in fashion market to 2027 • Contactless POS base to exceed 161 million • Digital and local
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2019-12-03: Flexible function on the retail space - POS systems


POS Terminals - Control center in your pocket • Five tips for IOT device security • Mobile mixed reality market to grow • ITested: Self-scanning with snabble • The big robot race • Voice-directed warehousing solutions market • Five technology trends in 2020 poised to transform the future of work • Amazon Logistics Centre: the opportunity
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