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2019-10-08: Future of the POS: customers know no limits


When the product becomes the POS • 71% of retailers plan to offer a shared cart across channels • Payments: A tumultuous landscape brings new challenges • Shop online, pay the bill offline – cash via code! • Same-day printing at more than 7,400 pharmacies • QR Code: technology’s progress 25 years after its invention • A simple, fast, intuitive payment experience
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2019-09-17: Wearable, contactless, connected: it's all about mobile devices


“What’s that you’re doing with your watch?“ • UK retail SMEs want to invest in flexible payment options • Launch of first blueprint for human robot interaction • Silver Surfers: Older adults ride the wave of mobile technology • U.S. employers expect growth of AI in the workplace • Consumers embrace subscription services & AR • 3 Questions to … Jacqueline Korber, Melissa Data
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2019-08-06: Tomorrow's colleagues? Service robots in retail


Using drag and drop to train the new coworkers • Checkout-free partnership: Giant Eagle and Grabango • Voice intelligent assistant connecting employees • New Highlight at C-star 2020: H!Tech Hub • Sales assistant Remy talks about strange customers and emotional decisions • Digital wallet spend to increase by 40% in 2019 PSD2: Online retailers fear losses • Of local heroes and global players
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2019-07-02: PIA gives the word: employee communication via app


Internal communication via PIA at Modehaus Ramelow • Social robots support purchasing and warehouse management • Shoppers expect even more personalization in digital food retail • “Platform strategies are critical for success” – finding your niche • Alternative and cashless payments adoption • Do mobile devices play a critical role?
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2019-06-06: Selling worldwide thanks to AI


Tapping international markets with AI-powered translations • Goodbye paper receipts: all documents stored in one app • Self-service technologies - Store transformation and its consequences • Cashless payment methods: higher sales and increase efficiency • Consumers opened more new accounts on mobile phones than on computers
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2019-05-07: Superstar Gisela. More than just a machine?


Blockchain: Protecting the retail sector from counterfeit products • Film star Gisela: robot in a fully automated kiosk • Computer-generated imagery – Better and faster product photography for online stores • Pros and cons of online payment options • 3 Questions to ... Christian Bärwind, Google
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2019-04-02: The digital customer journey – generate added value


Visions of Retail: Interview with Adel Al Saleh, CEO of T-Systems • Instagram, Twitter and Co.: New ways to customer loyalty • Retail technology is booming at C-star in Shanghai • Participation is welcomed – The startup myEnso shows how an online supermarket can be successful • Modern retailers are meeting multichannel consumer demands
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2019-03-05: Wind of change: Start-ups demonstrate how innovation works


En route to EuroCIS with … April Cao, Hanshow Germany GmbH • EuroCIS 2019: our Start-up hub • Visitor’s Corner EuroCIS 2019: Susanne Jäger, Hornbach • Instore mobile contactless services used by only 14% • En route to EuroCIS with … Hendrik Hallas, Seiko Instruments • EuroShop: The Event
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2019-02-26: That was EuroCIS 2019


EuroCIS adds new chapter to success story! • En route to EuroCIS with … Ralph Siegfried, AXIS Communications • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: support for retailers • Photo gallery: Shopping worldwide at EuroCIS 2019 • En route to EuroCIS with … Vanjo Wandscher, ROQQIO Commerce Solutions • EuroShop: The Event
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2019-02-21: EuroCIS 2019: highlights and impressions


Digital Marketing: the right customer approach at the best time • Exhibitors from all over the world at EuroCIS 2019 • Customer Analytics: finding out what customers want • 3 Questions ... Oliver Lohmüller-Gillot, First Data • Smart Store, Smart Living – Smart IT • EuroShop: The Event
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