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2019-04-02: The digital customer journey – generate added value


Visions of Retail: Interview with Adel Al Saleh, CEO of T-Systems • Instagram, Twitter and Co.: New ways to customer loyalty • Retail technology is booming at C-star in Shanghai • Participation is welcomed – The startup myEnso shows how an online supermarket can be successful • Modern retailers are meeting multichannel consumer demands
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2019-03-05: Wind of change: Start-ups demonstrate how innovation works


En route to EuroCIS with … April Cao, Hanshow Germany GmbH • EuroCIS 2019: our Start-up hub • Visitor’s Corner EuroCIS 2019: Susanne Jäger, Hornbach • Instore mobile contactless services used by only 14% • En route to EuroCIS with … Hendrik Hallas, Seiko Instruments • EuroShop: The Event
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2019-02-26: That was EuroCIS 2019


EuroCIS adds new chapter to success story! • En route to EuroCIS with … Ralph Siegfried, AXIS Communications • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things: support for retailers • Photo gallery: Shopping worldwide at EuroCIS 2019 • En route to EuroCIS with … Vanjo Wandscher, ROQQIO Commerce Solutions • EuroShop: The Event
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2019-02-21: EuroCIS 2019: highlights and impressions


Digital Marketing: the right customer approach at the best time • Exhibitors from all over the world at EuroCIS 2019 • Customer Analytics: finding out what customers want • 3 Questions ... Oliver Lohmüller-Gillot, First Data • Smart Store, Smart Living – Smart IT • EuroShop: The Event
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2019-02-19: 3,2,1 Welcome to EuroCIS 2019!


No one enjoys queuing: EuroCIS makes it mobile • He who seeks will surely find! EuroCIS 2019 "Technology never sleeps" • "The Stage" Live • Where the future begins: Awards during EuroCIS 2019 • AI @ EuroCIS 2019 • 3 Questions for ... Jessica Kalla, ACCENTA Music & P.O.S. GmbH
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2019-02-12: The countdown has started: Showcasing retail technologies at EuroCIS


"Try things out, be brave and keep up to date!" - Interview with Ulrich Spaan, EHI Retail Institute • Vive la France @ EuroCIS 2019: "French Hour" auf der STAGE • Support for future-oriented IT projects by KAEMI • 3D shopping experience by fision • TORY keeps shelves in retail stores tidy
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2019-02-05: Hip hop, street look, technology!


Pure Hip hop: Snipes in Cologne • Topics and trends of EuroCIS 2019 • Mobile outruns desktop: 46 percent vs 44 percent • stores+shops technology Shop finder • The Guided Innovation Tour at EuroCIS 2019 • 60 percent of US consumers willing to share personal data
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2019-01-22: Mobile first: that’s not just empty words


Retailer app identifies counterfeit products and supports CRM • Visual search: The new product search using images • Start-up hub @ EuroCIS 2019: BRICKSPACES pop up your business • More online shoppers want free shipping
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2019-01-08: Technology Year 2019: What's in store for retail?


Mobile payment via electronic shelf labels • Chatbot trends 2019 • Consumers refuse to go cashless • Strong growth in card acceptance
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2018-12-18: Personalization and artificial intelligence


Accurate and efficient: Artificial intelligence for hiring and recruiting employees • Real-time personalization: “A ten percent sales increase is possible“ • Digital ad spend hits record-breaking 49.5 billion dollars in first half of 2018 • How reliable are search terms for SEO and SEM results?
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