Lancom Systems GmbH

Convergence of SDN and security

The German infrastructure manufacturer LANCOM is enhancing its LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) with a range of powerful new features. The update to the software-defined networking solution (SDN) now implements the Security & Compliance Dashboard shown for the first time at this year's it-sa. It gives companies a central overview of all security and compliance-related device information in their WAN, LAN and WLAN. Also premiering are the Alerting & Notifications feature, an Auto-Updater, and the optional bulk import of devices and locations. These new features are automatically available to LMC users without additional license fees.

The more complex a network is, the more complex is the implementation, monitoring and long-term assurance of company-wide security policies. This is now handled by the new Security and Compliance Dashboard in the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). The dashboard verifies the configurations of all SDN-managed routers, switches, and WLAN access points, and modifies them if necessary. It monitors the licensing, firmware, and warranty status of every device. This prevents network security from being jeopardized by missed updates or obsolete hardware. Furthermore, the dashboard documents every access attempt from the outside and displays outgoing connections from the gateway. This makes it easier to detect any fraudulent or malicious activities in the network.

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