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SELINE Lyra self-checkout

Each of us values the personal time. Therefore, waiting in the queues can irritate anyone.
Implementation of the self-checkout area into stores of different formats and sizes helps to solve this problem, thanks to dividing the flow of consumers.

We have created the SELINE Lyra by Modern Expo to minimize waiting time in queues, even for small stores.
Our specialized unit, HOW design studio, has been working on creating a laconic design of the equipment, while MINT Innovations worked on the development and implementation of the software.

Thin and compact, it will be an appropriate addition to the cash zone. Furthermore, it will significantly increase the capacity of the store, which directly affects the level of loyalty of each customer.

The self-checkout is equipped with advanced components and supplemented with ultra-fast and easy-to-use software providing perfect purchase process and making it attractive and interesting at the same time.

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