E-Commerce: First class logistics for fast growing pure player

Image: stacker cranes and conveyor systems; copyright: Witron

Stacker cranes and conveyor systems developed by WITRON’s subsidiary, FAS, ensure a highly dynamic material flow. © Witron

User example


Image: ATP distribution center; copyright: Witron

The ATP distribution center supplies more than one million customers across Europe. © Witron

Delivery on the next day of the order

Image: workstation with employee; copyright: Witron

Small parts are picked at flexible, multi-functional pick and pack workstations directly into the shipping carton. © Witron

High scalability of the system

WITRON system solutions OPS and EPS

Image: workstation; copyright: Witron

Strict ergonomic workstation guidelines have been considered for the consolidation and packaging of heavy and bulky parts. © Witron

Order Consolidation Buffer for maximum order density

Bild: man holding smartphone; copyright: Witron

Innovative system service: The service technicians at ATP communicate directly with the system using their smart phone. © Witron

E-Commerce production control and state-of-the-art logistics IT

High-performance IT also in the service environment

Direct sales integrated into the overall process