Knauber Freizeitmärkte emphasize digital signage for improved quality of consulting

“We want to use the digital world to optimally serve our customers“

Photo: entrance of the branch in Pulheim; copright: Knauber

Branch in Pulheim - Here the research project "Innovation Store" was practically implemented.


Photo: Digital signage columns at Knauber Freizeitmarkt in Bonn Germany; copyright: Knauber

The digital columns at the Knauber home improvement stores provide an expanded range of information, while the tablets offer added benefits in the consulting process.

“The digital world also holds its legitimate place in the home improvement sector“

Knauber Freizeitmärkte are not afraid to try new things

Photo: tablet is used for better consulting; copyright: Knauber

The tablets are set up at a terminal in every department.

Tablets add value to consulting

Inventory management system: information search made difficult