Mobile Payment slowly gains momentum

German consumers are also interested in mobile payments


Picture: Mobile Payment at the checkout; copyright: GS1 Germany GmbH

The more Smartphones become accepted in all age groups, the larger the percentage of users who want to use their devices for mobile payments will be. ©GS1 Germany GmbH

Seventy percent of customers would use mobile payment options at the POS

Graphic: When do customers use Mobile Payment?; copyright: htw Umfrage Januar/Februar 2015

70 percent of surveyed consumers would already use mobile payment options in brick-and-mortar retail today. © htw Umfrage Januar/Februar 2015

Industry collaboration promotes mobile payment in Germany

Picture: Jens Siebenhaar; copyright: Rewe Systems

"We want to contribute in establishing this secure, modern and convenient form of payment," emphasizes Jens Siebenhaar, CEO of Rewe Systems. © Rewe Systems

ALDI Nord (North) as a multiplier for mobile payments

Picture: Smartphone is held over a payment terminal; copyright: GS1 Germany GmbH

The open-mindedness of young people in particular toward mobile payment solutions, shows that there is a clear trend toward cashless payment. © GS1 Germany GmbH