New items for the POS: display highlights from EuroCIS 2016

A look at current display solutions within the scope of the POPAI Awards


Photo: display solution "Maggi" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
A recipe in the pot: the Maggi digital recipe finder. One of the most extensive submissions for the "Innovation" award category is the shelving system by PEGO SRS and gekartel for Maggi. It includes the actual ingredients and also incorporates a touch screen with animations and product suggestions the customer is able to print out immediately. The recipe suggestion notes are dispensed into the integrated pot beneath the monitor. A very interactive shopping experience with the added advantage of Maggi being able to centrally manage the contents via data transmission. Retailers subsequently only need to stock the shelves accordingly.
Photo: display solution "Holoco" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
No longer a pipe dream: POS holographic displays for Sisley. Holoco has designed and manufactured this display for Sisley Germany. Thanks to a holographic visualization technique that creates 3D elements using light refraction and that appear to freely float in space, the product – a cream – is being showcased. The makers predict a sales increase of up to 300 percent. Submitted to the "Innovation" category. An absolutely tantalizing display!
Photo: display solution "Stabilo" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
Folding is half of the presentation: the Stabilo presentation case. The presentation case simultaneously serves as a display and clearly arranged packaging of the latest pens. It features a compact design and is easy to carry because it can be easily folded up and has a carry handle. It even has small test areas to draw on that can be pulled out by lifting the front flaps. The presentation case was designed and submitted by Ritzi in the "Stationary, Office Supplies and Services" category for its client Stabilo International. Very colorful!
Photo: display solution "Samsung" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
Say goodbye to cord and cable clutter: The Flagship Terminal by Samsung. The challenge this project had to address was to display as many devices as possible at the POS without any cord and cable clutter. The developer Cheil Germany competes for Samsung Electronics in the "Telecommunications and Computer" category. Cables disappear in a brush cable organizer on the table. A neat and organized solution designed to attract more customers and provide improved orientation. Totally imaginable!
Photo: display solution "PRESTONE" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
Yellow, large and solid: the PRESTONE Mega Display. The Display Company developed this giant yellow bottle. It is the large version of the antifreeze and coolant bottles presented on the integrated shelves. It doesn’t look like it but it is made of wood. Definitely very solid and with lots of storage space. The designer is Peter Turnwald, the category is "Travel, Leisure and Automotive". Clearly! You can’t miss it!
Photo: display solution "Mojito" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
This is making me thirsty: the Mojito truck by Pernod Ricard Deutschland. The vehicle made out of cardboard has already made a big splash – during a marketing tour through German cities, it is designed to make the Mojito more popular and show how it’s made. The pallet design can be adjusted to the size of the store – it ranges from 0.6 to 4.2 meters. The truck cab is positioned separately in front of the display. Sombreros, limes and mint provide a Mexican ambiance. Submitted by the STI Group, designed by Dennis Schwab, Dirk Wolf and Thomas Wink for Pernod Ricard Deutschland. Category "Shopper Marketing". Looks very inviting!
Photo: display solution "Shopping Queen" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
Easy to open and very robust: the Shopping Queen Butterfly Display. The visual appearance of this display designed by Peter Baringer and Christian Bock is perhaps debatable. But the display by Piasten GmbH is definitely practical. In a matter of seconds, it even makes room for heavy loads because a patented display pedestal offers additional stability. Also developed by the STI Group, it presents chocolate and candies for the German TV show "Shopping Queen". The category is "Innovation".
Photo: display solution "Avène" at EuroCIS 2016; © Jan Vogl/POPAI
Shop in shop system for Avène by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics This shelving system can be reduced to two pivots and has an extendable service table in the middle. Behind it is a storage area with a door that has room for skin analysis systems. Power outlets are also integrated for this purpose. The furniture is designed to not only give better orientation to pharmacy customers but also to employees. Designed by Donkey Design and made by Sanssouci, it was introduced in the "Shopfitting and SIS Concepts" category by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics.