Playfully increasing sales at the POS

Gamification in brick-and-mortar stores

Photo: man interacting with a display; copyright: ameria GmbH

With the interactive "virtual promoter", customers can already be approached at the store window and encouraged to interact; © ameria GmbH


Appealing to the play instinct – evoking emotions

Photo: shopkick app opened on a smartphone; copyright: shopkick GmbH

The shopkick app rewards users with bonus points simply by walking into a store. © shopkick GmbH

Using gamification to increase sales

Photo: Coca-Cola’s campaign theme "Open Happiness"; copyright Ksubaka

Ksubaka has turned Coca-Cola’s campaign theme "Open Happiness" into a game where players need to toss five ice cubes into a Coca-Cola glass on the tablet; © Ksubaka

Gaming on the store window and at the shelf

Games breathe new life into advertising