Small food court ‒ big prospects


Image: food bar with stools; copyright: beta-web/Mörs

Initially, the area offered primarily freshly squeezed juices and fruits. Coffee, tea and small fruit salads, yoghurts and pastries were quickly added to the mix; © beta-web/Mörs

From sales campaign to perennial favorite

Image: Vendor and costumer; copyright: beta-web/Mörs

After the bar was previously sublet to a restaurant owner, it is now operated by the store and has significantly increased in sales; © beta-web/Mörs

Little effort ‒ measurable effect

A central place to feel good and gather ideas

Image: Vendor and costumer; Copyright: beta-web/Mörs)

The bar is a popular meeting spot. Many customers are regulars; © beta-web/Mörs

Satisfied regulars and occasional shoppers