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Retail and Social Media


Nowadays, customers also want to be able to purchase items at anytime and anywhere via mobile devices. This is why most retailers are also active on the Web by now. Just offering the option to buy on the Internet however is no longer enough.
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Online Food Retail


While books, clothing and consumer electronics are already very often being bought online, the online trade is with food still in its infancy. Three experts explain in interviews with the unique challenges of online grocery shopping and show innovative solutions.
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Video Surveillance


In the retail industry, retailers primarily want to prevent and clear up theft with video surveillance. Yet it can also save retail from many losses in the area of logistics. However, to achieve these positive effects, the entire video surveillance equipment needs to be well planned. In this interview, Edmund Johanns from the Systemhaus Johanns (“System House Johanns“), explains how he implements such projects and how quickly even large investments can pay off after a short amount of time.
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Modern Checkout Zone – Challenges at the Checkout


The checkout decides how satisfied the customer is when he/she is leaving the store. Yet the checkout zone is still more of an impersonal handling zone in many stores and markets. This is why retailers need innovative concepts to set themselves apart from their competition and increase efficiency at the store.
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Omnichannel Commerce


Omnichannel was also one of the main topics at EuroShop 2014.
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Remote Services in Retail – Faster Maintenance, Better Service?


Retail hardware solutions are becoming more and more complex, and maintenance more elaborate –regardless of whether it is a checkout, a scale, a kiosk terminal or a mobile scanner. This also increases demands on manufacturer services. After all: the more complicated the application, the more often there are malfunctions. It’s a good thing that a lot of today’s equipment is interconnected. Remote service significantly simplifies service for retailers and manufacturers.
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Customer frequency analysis - Retail gets to know its customers better


By now, most users have gotten used to the fact that in theory, every click on the Internet can be traced. Based on the collected data, online retail is for instance able to make customized recommendations for other products. Brick-and-mortar retail stores need precisely such solutions, because they don’t just want but also have to get to know their customers well. One of the tools that retailers have available for this is customer frequency analysis.
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Mobile Data Collection - Essential for modern store logistics


These days, retail is still particularly shaped by intense competition. IT is an important tool for the individual retailer to ensure advantages compared to the competition. After all, the right systems can achieve cost savings as well as an increase in efficiency. Special attention is placed on optimizing the flow of goods in the warehouse and in the store.
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In-Store Mobile Apps – The Road to a New Shopping Experience?


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Continuing Education in Retail


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