Online Food Retail

While books, clothing and consumer electronics are already very often being bought online, the online trade is with food still in its infancy. Three experts explain in interviews with the unique challenges of online grocery shopping and show innovative solutions.


Interview with Alexander Graf,

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eCommerce expert Alexander Graf, who already - among other things - oversaw various online corporate development projects for the Otto Group illustrates the opportunities and challenges of the still young online food sales sector.


Interview with Silvan Dolezalek, Zaunz Publishing and Robert Walters, Cookbutler

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As an expert for shop software, Zaunz Publishing has already been active in the area of Online Food Retail. In this interview, Managing Director Silvan Dolezalek explains the special challenges of online food retail and the innovative solution that Zaunz realized for the startup company Robert Walters from Cookbutler explains the innovative business model.


Interview with Dr. Bernhard Albert, Foresight Solutions

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One area online retail has not been able to conquer is food retailing. Dr. Bernhard Albert from the Foresight Solutions Institute for Future Research assists companies in innovation and strategic processes. In our interview, he talks about the future prospects for online food sales.