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Thieves and goods damaged during transport annually cost retailers several billion Euros. This is why retailers increasingly use digital video surveillance systems to find out what the culprits are up to. However, for users to be on the right side of the law in case of theft they need to pay attention to several aspects when they install cameras and as it pertains to the quality of images.


Interview with Edmund Johanns, Systemhaus Johanns

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In the retail industry, retailers primarily want to prevent and clear up theft with video surveillance. Yet it can also save retail from many losses in the area of logistics. However, to achieve these positive effects, the entire video surveillance equipment needs to be well planned. In this interview, Edmund Johanns from the Systemhaus Johanns (“System House Johanns“), explains how he implements such projects and how quickly even large investments can pay off after a short amount of time


Advantages of video analysis for retail

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Video analysis systems also help the retail industry in increasing security in its stores. However, just looking at the camera image doesn’t help a retailer much. Until now, the retailer often needed specially - skilled employees, who can detect when a theft happens or if a customer acts suspiciously. Video analysis systems don’t just help to reduce personnel expenditures, they can also contribute to more efficient work in many areas.