Topics of EuroCIS 2016

It is time again for EuroCIS: Here, the newest developments are presented which will make the POS more attractive for customers and the workflow for retailers easier in the future. The editorial team points out some of the highlights. 

The digital renaissance of the dressing room

Customers want to feel that the shop moves with the times

Today's customer always has his smartphone in hand. Do not miss anything, always be up to date. In order to keep stationary fashion retail a "place-to-go", retailers should go into much detail and meet the wishes and habits of customers with current technologies.

Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical

Fresh ideas for retailing at the BMWI joint booth at EuroCIS

Photo: Customer at a touchscreen with Smileys

Lifeless mannequins with whom customers cannot identify could soon be a thing of the past. At least, if it’s up to new entrepreneur Mesut Yilmaz. He has developed a digital marketing concept for retailer’s store windows which he will be presenting at EuroCIS.

EuroCIS 2016 shows the dynamic technological development in retail

These innovations should not be missed at the fair

Picture: EuroCIS 2015
EuroCIS in Düsseldorf shows all aspects of retail technology and presents the whole retail expertise of the IT industry. We have looked at what innovations from the different subject areas are shown at EuroCIS 2016 and compiled a selection of interesting products and solutions for you: