"Usability is essential for the shopping experience"

Interview with Eric Jankowfsky, Managing Director of Jankowfsky AG


Picture: Eric Jankowfsky; copyright: Jankowfsky AG

Eric Jankowfsky: "One essential factor is shared access to inventory both in the warehouse of the online store as well as the brick-and-mortar shop". © Jankowfsky AG

Picture: POS terminal; copyright: Jankowfsky AG

POS terminals allow the customer to access the retailer's full product portfolio. © Jankowfsky AG

Picture: POS Terminal; copyright: Jankowfsky AG

With mobile tablet-based POS solutions, the sales associate can approach the customer directly at the product, advise him and close the sale there. © Jankowfsky AG

Picture: checkout tower; copyright: Jankowfsky AG

Connected with a checkout tower, the tablets become fully adequate checkout systems. © Jankowfsky AG