Digital signage in pharmacies: better consulting with new technologies

Pharmacies need a shopping experience too

Photo: Digital Signage at Rathausapotheke (English: Rathaus Pharmacy) at the HUMA shopping center in St. Augustin ; copyright: OPTIMUM-Media GmbH

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Photo: Pharmacist Florian Wehrenpfennig using a touch screen; copyright: Sandra Seifen/Sankt Augustin

Pharmacist with a vision: Florian Wehrenpfennig always keeps up with cutting-edge technology trends to stay competitive; © Sandra Seifen/Sankt Augustin

Consulting service is the cornerstone of the pharmacy: more time for customers

Photo: consultation counter; copyright: Constatin Meyer/Köln

The consultation counters are able to assist in the consultation process down to the smallest detail; © Constatin Meyer/Köln

Virtual is faster and more personalized: the impact on the design

Photo: open display between the shelves; copyright: OPTIMUM-Media GmbH

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Investing in the future: always two steps ahead