Smart retail through use of sensor technology

How brick-and-mortar retail can catch up to the informational edge of e-commerce

Photo: Woman walking on floor with sensor underlay; copyright: Future-Shape GmbH

Customer Journey: Knowing and serving customer needs and interests

Photo: Engineer examining the underlay for the SensFloor System. Copyright: Future-Shape GmbH

Photo: The SensFloor system underlay can be placed under any type of flooring. The capacitive sensors measure changes in the electric field and transfer data to a computer system via an integrated radio chip.

Needs of consumers are written on their faces: ‘Feel Data‘

Photo: Internet of Things retail shelf, filled with bottles, with interactive digital signage screen; copyright: T-Systems Multimedia Solutions

Internet of Things retail shelf that interacts with customers and measures how many products have been removed and put back.

Information is the first step towards automation

The balancing act between data acquisition and data protection