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Digital price labeling creates more time for customers at 3

After installing electronic shelf labels from the IT company Delfi Technologies in all stores, the employees of the telecommunications company 3 no longer have to worry about updating product information and prices. Now the stores can focus on providing customers with the best possible service.

3's customers diligently use data via their cell phones and for several years had the largest data usage in all of Denmark. Many customers also visit 3's stores, which are fashionably elegant and offer inspiring experiences. In the stores, they find a wide selection of cell phones, accessories, accessories and lifestyle products at super prices.

Prices on the store shelves are automatically updated on Delfi Technologies' electronic shelf labels. In this way, 3 guarantees the necessary clear labeling with basic product information and clearly visible prices. This information helps customers and thus improves their shopping experience.

New product information as well as new promotions are automatically sent to the electronic shelf labels. This allows staff to pay more attention to customers and contribute to a good customer experience with service and advice.

- The cooperation with Delfi Technologies and the electronic shelf labels are a key element to ensure good customer experiences in our stores. Digital pricing is an important tool that allows our staff to focus on the customer and do what they are best at - providing first class service and advice, says Lasse Schneider, Sales Manager at 3.

Delfi Technologies has created a virtual storefront from the 3 store at Strøget, Vimmelskaftet 47 in Copenhagen.

It is possible to visit and navigate this virtual store and take a 360° digital tour of various Delfi Technologies solutions. The tour provides information about the Breece solution with electronic shelf labels used in all 3 stores.

3 offers mobile and data connectivity over 3G, 4G, 4G + and 5G mobile networks. 3 customers are busy data users on their cell phones and have had the largest data usage in Denmark for several years. With the 3LikeHome concept with no roaming charges in 72 countries, 3 aims to become the preferred telecommunications company for Danes who love to travel. 3 is part of the 3 Group in Denmark, which also operates in Italy, Austria, England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Sweden. 3 is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (60%) and Investor AB (40%). To learn more about 3 Group, visit For information about 3, go to

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