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Gebr. Heinemann - New technology for duty free stores

Gebr. Heinemann, founded in 1879, has partnered with IT company Delfi Technologies to ensure a high level of performance in its international airport stores. By introducing electronic shelf labels, Gebr. Heinemann can change prices and product information directly in all airport stores worldwide.

As a top retailer in the international travel retail industry, Gebr. Heinemann has a constantly growing assortment of international branded goods. Due to changing promotions and daily updated exchange rates between currencies, many changes in prices and product information are required in the airport stores. For this reason, Gebr. Heinemann has installed the Breece system - an automatic price labeling solution from Delfi Technologies with electronic shelf labels (ESL).

The main reason for implementing an ESL solution was a specific situation with currencies at their outlet in Budapest.

As Gebr. Heinemann, we have decided to work with euros as currency in our store in Budapest, as the forint is subject to large fluctuations. Nevertheless, we are required by law to display prices in Forint. Since Euro was the main currency in our stores, it meant that prices in Forint changed daily depending on the exchange rate. For this reason, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to easily change our prices on a daily basis for a large number of products, says Jennifer Faiss, project manager for POS solutions at Gebr. Heinemann.

Gebr. Heinemann has decided to use the ESL system in other outlets as well for pricing special promotions that are only valid for a certain short duration. In this way, Gebr. Heinemann saves paper and reduces the workload for employees, as the displays of electronic shelf labels update automatically and replacing paper signage would take time.

In most of our outlets, we use ESL displays to show special promotional offers. In each outlet, we have an offer area where we display products that are currently being promoted for a certain period of time (usually 3 months). Every three months, the products and prices in the offer area change, says Jennifer Faiss.

On the display itself, Gebr. Heinemann shows the following:
  • Savings in percent
  • Promotion price
  • Product name and brand
  • Product type
  • Price per liter / kilogram
  • Barcode and GH number
  • Heinemann logo (depending on the size of the ESL display)
  • Additionally, Gebr. Heinemann uses a red background on the electronic shelf label to attract more attention.
At international airports, Gebr. Heinemann operates duty free & travel value stores, fashion label boutiques and concept stores, as well as stores at border crossings and on board cruise ships. The ESL system has also been installed in the recently opened stores at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER).

- Our newest outlet is in BER, the new airport of our capital. Here we definitely wanted innovative technology and state-of-the-art products, says Jennifer Faiss.

The ESL solution is linked to SAP, Gebr. Heinemann's ERP system. In case of any changes in SAP, the shelf labels in the stores are automatically updated in real time.

- By being able to set a start time for each price in SAP ERP, we can plan upcoming changes in special offers and prices some time in advance. On the pre-determined start day, the price on the electronic shelf label updates automatically without any further manual intervention, explains Artem Engel, IT consultant for the POS solution at Gebr. Heinemann, adding:

- By using ESL, we have managed to save 1.3 million paper price tags in 2019, including 1.25 million in Budapest alone, and make the change of special offers and prices that need to be displayed based on daily rates easier to handle for our colleagues in the store.

Gebr. Heinemann and Delfi Technologies have had a close partnership for years. Artem Engel reports the following about this:

- At Delfi, we have very dedicated and reliable contacts who respond quickly and cooperatively, helping us to deal with any problem quickly. They independently inform us about new developments and technologies that could facilitate and improve the operation of our stores. These are great advantages on our side and we are very happy about the good cooperation.

Gebr. Heinemann is one of the top retailers and wholesalers in the international travel retail industry and a leader in the European market. It is the only family-owned company among the global players in travel retail. Gebr. Heinemann operates duty free & travel value stores, licensed fashion label boutiques and concept stores at international airports as well as stores at border crossings and on board cruise ships.

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