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2012-02-14: An EuroCIS to fall in love with!


Innovations at the checkout counter • EuroCIS App for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets • EuroCIS 2012: all signs point to growth • EuroCIS-Team twitters • eTicket • Shop.finder in Düsseldorf and Cologne • Breakthrough for DIGI with Info Tags in Europe and Worldwide • Ackermann uses prudsys real time recommendations Stores • Wincor Nixdorf subsidiary Prosystems IT receives service order from Sparkasse Leverkusen
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2012-01-26: New: the EuroCIS App is online!


EuroCIS App for iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets • 3 Questions to Annette Tarlton, Star Micronics EMEA • EuroCIS Forum presents Exciting Hands-On Talks • Cut Personnel Costs, Optimise Customer Service • Kickoff for safety: Bosch supplies security technology for sport stadiums in South America • Retailers: Out-of-Stocks Drive Nearly Half Your Customers to Competitors’ Stores • Glory efficient Cash Management - Cashinfinity • City Tip • eTicket
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2012-01-12: Multi-Channel Solutions


3 Questions to Raj Parmar, DigiPoS • EuroCIS expands portfolio: Fashion Select • New research shows Britain’s softer side • Toshiba Join Forces to Collaborate on next Generation Secure Memory Solution
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2011-12-08: Contactless Payment


State-of-the-art or just pilots • 3 Questions to Wilhelm Halling, dimedis • Danish State Railway once again selects Hoeft & Wessel • Gunnebo partners with Unisys
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2011-11-03: Green IT


Fashion retail banking on RFID • Sustainability Study • Insurance Optimizes Websites • Countertop Payment Solution
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2011-10-06: Multisensual & Multitouch


3 Questions to Kai Hudetz, ifH • ECC Retail organises Multi-Channel Forum at EuroCIS 2012 • Exhibitor-News
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