SES-imagotag SA / Captana GmbH

Monoprix deepens the digitization of its stores with the Captana solution from SES-imagotag

The Captana Sensor Cloud platform will enable Monoprix to monitor the shelves of its stores in real time, therefore improving customer satisfaction through better product availability and optimized inventory management.

SES-imagotag, (Euronext: SESL, FR0010282822) the global leader in smart labels and IoT technologies for physical retail, today announced the strengthening of its partnership with Monoprix, the French leader in downtown retail and a partner of the Group since several years. The retailer takes a new step in the digitization of 100 of its most important locations with the large-scale roll-out of the Captana CV + Sensor Cloud platform to improve customer satisfaction through better on-shelf product availability and optimized inventory management.

This new step follows the continuous deployment since 2018 of the VUSION platform, a Cloud, infraless, smart label management solution in these same 100 locations, as well as AdShelf, an in-store digital communications platform.

The Captana Cloud platform combines Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Retail IoT sensors such as wireless miniature cameras enabling automated monitoring of shelves. By leveraging real-time high quality data points, stores can significantly improve product availability, replenishment, forecasting and store operations, therefore resulting in better customer service.

Based on a CV + Sensor Cloud platform and synchronized with VUSION labels, the Captana technology will monitor Monoprix’s shelves throughout the day, detect stockouts in near real time while reporting realograms (real planograms) and their compliance.

Monoprix’s decision to roll-out the Captana CV + Sensor Cloud platform follows a large-scale test phase in 5 of its Parisian stores initiated in July 2021 during which precise measurements were made of the operational, commercial and customer benefits of the solution. This deployment is currently underway and will take place until end of Q1 2022 for this first wave of 100 locations. It includes the installation of 120 ShelfEye cameras per store, i.e., approximately 12,000 on this first perimeter, allowing for the permanent analysis of more than one million items.

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