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New solution improves Lysmesteren stores

Electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies have now been installed at the Lysmesteren stores in Næstved and Charlottenlund, both part of Denmark's largest lighting chain. A solution that was introduced with the goals of gaining focus and optimizing the most important processes - selling and advising on lighting solutions.

Rasmus Stuhr, co-owner of Lysmesteren Næstved and Charlottenlund, is constantly looking for ways to optimize the business and achieve even better results. This is achieved with a daily focus on maximum efficiency in store operations.

In this context, the desire arose in the two stores to reduce the effort required for time-consuming price updates and adjustments to product information. For this reason, Rasmus Stuhr contacted Delfi Technologies, a supplier of electronic shelf label solutions.

In the Næstved and Charlottenlund stores, electronic shelf labels now ensure automatic updates of new prices and promotions. These can be implemented both centrally via the Lysmesteren chain and locally by the two stores.

According to Rasmus Stuhr, the likelihood that customers are more likely to make spontaneous impulse purchase decisions increases when prices are correctly displayed on the shelves.

Not everyone can imagine a 20% discount if it's only deducted at the checkout. But it becomes clear when the price is adjusted at the shelves - that is then something that everyone can understand, he says and continues:

Thanks to electronic shelf labels, our prices are now updated automatically. And that has a significant impact on our day-to-day operations - we've been able to streamline some very time-consuming processes.

Since the paper signage has been replaced by the digital solution, there are more opportunities to provide customers with additional information. Information that would not have made sense before, because it would have required replacing every single paper sign on the sales floor.

We liked to be able to see the stock level of each product directly on the shelf. With the digital solution, we can now do that. This gives us the unique opportunity to take a look inside the warehouse, Rasmus Stuhr tells us and continues:

We can now introduce new promotions much better and even easier. For example, on Black Friday - we can create a special campaign in a unique design directly on the shelves. Before, we would have had to move everything around the store. That wouldn't have made much sense, explains Rasmus Stuhr.

Lysmesteren is Denmark's largest lighting chain, with 30 stores across the country offering a wide range of lamps in both simple and elegant designs. For over 10 years, the chain has sold graceful lamps from design brands - from Le Klint to Louis Poulsen.

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