Consilk sp. z o.o.

About Consilk and SilkPLM system

Consilk, a startup based in Krakow, Poland, is passionate about revolutionizing product management in the retail industry. To achieve this vision, we offer SilkPLM - SaaS, modular solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

Many investors from Poland have already trusted our vision, including:

Impera Alfa Alternatywna Spółka Inwestycyjna sp. z o.o.
Fundingbox Deep Tech Fund sp. z o.o.
Cofunderzone sp. z o.o.

Currently, our system consists of three main modules.

Product Module:
Intuitive filtering products by all their parameters.
Flexible permissions management – thanks to defined roles, users have access to selected data only.
Displaying the characteristics of product files.
Alerts for reminding of tasks and with one click taking user to the place in the system where they need to be done.
Clear charts for the review and acceptance of products for a given season make it easy to analyze.
An easy preview of the state of budgets for a given season in relation to the plan gives a complete picture of the implementation of tasks.
Purchasing Module:
Automatic generation of branding elements from the system level and sending them to vendors and contracts based on a pre-existing template with input fields.
Criteria compliance review before placing an order.
Managing orders at 3 levels of detail: 
general information, such as EXW PI – Incoterms, 
margin or completion deadline; 
detailed data, such as product types, their quantity or CBMs; 
product data aggregation at the tranche level regarding Real EXW date, CBM or payment deadlines.

Logistics Module:
Clear guidelines regarding the moment of commencing task execution.
Insight into the order plan according to execution deadlines.
Option to consolidate or separate tranches between containers.
integrations with ship operators by downloading data based on container number; 
ALERTS, e.g. regarding the appearance of transport costs; 
generating delivery plans for the warehouse
Freight Exchange that streamlines retail logistics by simplifying quotation requests and comparisons between logisticians and forwarders, accelerating shipping processes for timely deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Our development plans for 2024:
Replenishment Module: advanced AI-powered tool that connects to stock allocation and replenishment, price planning and sales predictions features.
Module BI: A module for building advance report models that support data-driven retail.
Inspirations Module: A module that allows you togather inspirations, arrange them and combine them with the planned moodboards and then quickly convert them into the seeds that will later sprout product portfolios.

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