BIXOLON and OCHNIK Partner to Drive Retail Pricing Transparency

Meeting the EU Omnibus Directive – Fashion Retailer Deploys Mobile Printers for Price Tag and Display Labelling, and Drives Shop Floor Efficiency with Mobile Printing

BIXOLON Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced receipt, label, and mobile printers, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with OCHNIK, a leading Polish fashion retailer, to improve retail pricing transparency in order to comply with a vision to meet the EU Omnibus Directive.

BIXOLON, in collaboration with LSI Software S.A has installed over 120 pairs of BIXOLON XM7-20iWK 2-inch (58mm) premium mobile label printers within in collaboration with PDA devices. The printer and POS devices will operate across LSI’s POSitive Retail software platform.

The new system and printers will ensure consistent pricing messages are delivered to customers throughout price tagging and on display labels, while complying with EU regulations. They will enable staff efficiency and productivity to be maintained and enhanced too; and product price updates will be better maintained across the entire store chain.

Mobility is at the heart of productivity and pricing success
For context, OCHNIK is a leading Polish retailer established in 1989. It has over 120 stores situated throughout Poland, and is one of Poland’s most recognisable brands. It offers shoppers a wide range of accessories and clothing; and its high-quality range includes outerwear and lightweight clothing, plus modern suitcases, and travel accessories.

Equipped with premium functions and value-added software support, the XM7-20iWK 2-inch mobile label printer provides legible, high-volume outputs with diverse fonts, logos, and barcodes at speed. This versatility makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including markdown labels, replacement tags, leisure tickets, specimen labels, and more.

Additionally, this printer seamlessly integrates with OCHNIK's existing ERP system. Since this printer is mobile, employees can carry it around with them and print price and display labels directly on the shop floor as and when necessary. This results in instant updates to promotions and pricing information, helping to enhance the customer experience and meet the EU directive.

Embedding pricing transparency and efficiency gains into OCHNIK
A spokesperson from OCHNIK has said, “Employees in our stores can now save time by identifying and correcting pricing by printing new price labels on the spot in-store. What is more, the integration of these mobile printers within our existing IT system has empowered our employees to effortlessly generate labels whenever and wherever they are required.”

Jay Kim, Managing Director, BIXOLON Europe GmbH says, “Working with OCHNIK and LSI Software has been a pleasure. OCHNIK is a leader in the Polish market and it is fantastic to see how our printers are helping its team to improve operational efficiency on the shop floor, while communicating key product messages effectively to consumers. The use of mobile printers within retail applications allows powerful productivity enhancements to be gained too. Here, we see staff no longer have to execute all their printing at a stationary printer – they can take their label printing with them directly to where labels need to be printed and applied.”

Jay Kim concludes, “OCHNIK’s future roadmap indicates it expects to expand its number of mobile printers to 140 in the coming months. This clearly demonstrates the impact of BIXOLON's innovative mobile printers, to empower OCHNIK employees to effortlessly generate labels whenever and wherever they are needed, providing significant time savings while enhancing pricing accuracy in line with the important EU Omnibus Directive.”

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