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C4R team implemented a forecasting and replenishment solution for the Linella retail chain

Demand forecasting is an important element of a retailer's success. Knowing the anticipated demand for goods and services allows retailers to optimize their inventory planning.

High-quality forecasting helps to avoid shortages or overstocking, which leads to lower costs, optimized production and logistics processes, and increased customer satisfaction.

This is confirmed by the first results of C4R's implementation of SymphonyAI Retail Forecast & Replenishment (F&R) solution in the well-known Linella retail chain in Moldova.

As the data analysis showed, the implementation of the system brought the following benefits to the retailer:

  1. Inventory optimization. By improving forecast accuracy, it was possible to reduce inventory balances. This has freed up some of the turnover and space in retail outlets.
  2. Reduction of labor costs for order generation. Switching from a decentralized order creation approach to a centralized one reduced order creation time and allowed staff and store managers to switch to other tasks and reduce errors.
  3. Increased availability of goods in retail outlets. Thanks to convenient dashboards, stores monitor the availability of goods for each item of each category on a daily basis, which allows you to avoid a shortage of goods, and, accordingly, lost sales caused by such a shortage.
  4. Strengthening control of the Central office over the processes taking place in retail outlets. The system provides orders based on sales history and takes into account many factors, including the impact of promotions, delivery and shipment schedules, etc. Eliminating the need to recheck centralized orders reduces processing times.
  5. Accounting for presentation stock on shelves. Empty shelves or the presence of products with clear signs of being on the shelf for a long time disappoint customers. The system takes into account the amount of presentation stock on the shelves until the next delivery, which helps to avoid product gaps and improves the shopping experience.
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Linella – is the leading food retailer in the Republic of Moldova. The supermarket format chain, owned by Moldretail Group, has about 200 stores throughout the country. Thanks to its wide assortment and high level of service, Linella has earned the trust of millions of customers and occupies one third of the organized retail market in Moldova.

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