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Hanshow Hosts Strategy Session on AIoT and the Future of the Retail Industry at Fortune Brainstorm AI 2023

San Francisco, CA – December 12th, 2023 – Hanshow, a leading global provider of digital retail solutions, participated in the Fortune Brainstorm AI 2023 conference held in San Francisco from December 11th to 12th. Curated by Fortune, this year’s Brainstorm AI brought together global enterprises, technology firms, and research institutions to delve into the evolving trends and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Brainstorm AI 2023 addressed a wide array of pressing topics reshaping the global landscape posed by the adoption of AI by individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs, including industry-wide challenges and opportunities in sectors such as retail. Participants also explored strategies and best practices spanning various industries to address regulation and information security in the era of AI.

As a sponsoring partner of the event, Hanshow engaged in extensive discussions with industry leaders, experts, and policymakers from diverse sectors. As a global leader in applying AI and the Internet of Things (AIoT) in retail scenarios, Hanshow hosted a pivotal breakout Strategy Session under the topic "AI, IoT, and the Future of Retail: From Buzz to Business Value."

Hanshow hosted the Strategy Session “AI, IoT, and the Future of Retail: From Buzz to Business” in San Francisco Source: Fortune

The breakout session was moderated by Fortune Editor-at-Large Michal Lev-Ram and featured panelists Sravana Karnati, Senior Vice President and CTO, Walmart International, Walmart; Keith Mercier, General Manager, Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft; and Klaus Smets, Vice President, EMEA, Hanshow. The session explored how AI and IoT integration can drive efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize supply chains in the competitive global retail market.

During the Strategy Session, Hanshow Vice President for EMEA Klaus Smets highlighted Hanshow’s commitment to developing practical AIoT applications in retail. Hanshow excels in hyper-personalization to enhance the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Hanshow’s smart marketing strategies leverage AIoT for targeted retail media campaigns, ensuring a personalized customer journey. Focusing on advanced payment systems and dynamic pricing, Hanshow’s solutions will pioneer advancements in transaction efficiency and profitability.

The Hanshow SaaS solution is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform enabling Hanshow to provide customers with efficient, secure, and reliable device management and data storage solutions. This not only lowers the cost and energy consumption associated with local server deployment for retailers but also offers a more comprehensive technological upgrade choice for retailers of different sizes. Hanshow also emphasizes the development of sustainability with digital energy and energy management solutions, further reflecting Hanshow’s commitment to sustainability and operational efficiency.

"As we navigate the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, our commitment at Hanshow is to chart a course that redefines the retail landscape. At Fortune Brainstorm AI 2023, we engaged in a thought-provoking strategy session, exploring the transformative power of AIoT and its profound impact on the future of the retail industry,” said Smets.

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