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Introducing the new CL-S700III label printer

Citizen Systems Europe, the leading manufacturer of high quality label, portable, POS and photo printers, has rebooted it’s industry renowned CL-S700 range with the new CL-S700 type 3. With the same great usability and mechanics, the CL-S700III combines everything you love about label printing with even more added extras to make print processes easier and faster. It’s perfect for an array of applications but thanks to its industrial edge it’s ideal for manufacturing, logistics and warehousing.

To make the CL-S700III even easier to use, it is equipped with a new colour LCD touch screen which has the ability to show print previews, add shortcuts, access the setup wizard and use Standalone Forms. This opens up a whole new world of label printing possibilities never seen before with the CL-S700 range. By adding these features, users will be able to create their own ideal print processes and outcomes tailored to their specific needs.

The set-up wizard shows you set up instructions with illustrations – perfect for training new users as well as reminding existing users without the need for a manual or online support. Additionally, when an error occurs the set up wizard will display the corresponding solution methods, making troubleshooting simple.

For customers who wish to print labels without a desktop, they’ll love the CL-S700III’s Standalone Forms feature. Standalone Forms allows you to print specifically formatted labels with variable data you can share with the printer through it’s USB host connector. This allows users to create labels of their choosing. Simply save the data onto a memory stick and insert it into the printers USB host connector.  This eliminates the need for the printer to be connected to a desktop computer – saving space and avoiding messy cable management whilst creating a wireless printing solution.

As standard, the new CL-S700II comes with flexible connectivity options – a triple interface with USB, LAN and an interface card slot where you can have an additional interface such as Wifi, Serial and Parallel. Because of the variety of connections, it can easily connect to existing systems in warehouses, logistics depots and manufacturing lines. Making switching over from your old printer fleet, including the type 2 and type 1 models, to the CL-S700III trouble free when it comes to integration.


Connectivity is key with the new CL-S700III, in addition to it’s standard interface options, it also equipped with a USB host connector where you can connect scanners, memory sticks or any other USB compatible peripherals.  Again, this is perfect for users who require a personalised printing set up with various integrated hardware. The USB host connector can also be used to quickly update the printer’s firmware as well as use the Standalone Forms feature and save/load specific print data. Simply insert your formatted memory stick and access the files you need through the touch screen menus.

With an array of models to choose from, there is a label printer for every business in the new CL-S700III range. Choose from 203 or 300dpi as well as optional rewinders and peelers.  All 203dpi versions print at a staggering 300mm per second, whilst the 300dpi version prints up to 250mm per second.

“The CL-S700III brings traditional label printing and user experience together to create an easy to use, functional and personalised printing solution for any business” says Jörk Schüßler, Marketing Director for EMEA at Citizen Systems. “This new printer takes everything the market loved about the CL-S700II and brings it to the next level in terms of usability and printing possibilities. Users will be able to print their own customized labels in a much more intuitive way whilst still having the outstanding reliability of the renowned CL-S700 range. We can’t wait to see what label processes the market can improve upon with our reloaded CL-S700III”.

To learn more about the new CL-S700III visit the Citizen Systems website where you can download datasheets, view images, watch videos and more.


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