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Linella and our colleagues from Num8erz have received the first successful results of implementing Num8erz.Range

The Atriny Group brand combines experienced IT development and implementation specialists for retail automation processes, and the C4R team is pleased to be among them. Today, we want to share the success of our colleagues from Num8erz, which is also part of the group of companies.

Num8erz specialists worked on a large project C4R with Linella, which we previously reported in the news. Linella is a large retailer in Moldova with over 176 supermarkets in its retail network. With such a scale of the trading network, tools for efficient assortment management are simply necessary.

The digital tool Num8erz.Range was developed specifically for automating category management processes, allowing for efficient clustering of stores based on demand structure and forming what-if assortment scenarios while considering space and commercial constraints.

Using the Num8erz.Range service, Linella conducted research, identified the correct assortment, and made necessary changes to pilot categories, resulting in increased sales and profitability.

For example, in the "Cheese" and "Biscuits" categories, the assortment was reduced by 30%, while ensuring a 3% increase in sales and an 8% increase in margin. The "Diapers" category was reviewed and the correct assortment was selected based on customer preferences, resulting in a 2.5x increase in sales.

The total weighted sales growth for all pilot categories was over 6%. In addition, using the service simplified the assortment review process, making it measurable and understandable.

After testing and analyzing the results of the pilot project, it was decided to scale the Num8erz.Range service to the entire network of stores. Linella plans to review all categories by 2023 and make the process regular.

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