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Office Shoes Steps into the Future of Retail with Hanshow Electronic Shelf Labels

Budapest, Hungary - Hanshow, one of the leading providers of digital retail solutions, and Shoebox, the parent company of Office Shoes, a prominent footwear retailer operating across Central-Eastern Europe, have joined forces to revolutionize the retail experience and streamline operations through the implementation of digital price tags.

Office Shoes, with its network of retail stores spanning Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, and Slovenia, has been utilizing Hanshow's innovative ESL technology for over a year. The decision to adopt Hanshow's Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) was driven by the need to display comprehensive product information and prices, while seamlessly integrating with the store's aesthetic environment.

One of the primary challenges faced by Office Shoes was the burden of numerous back-office tasks placed upon store staff, detracting from their primary focus of providing exceptional customer service. Additionally, the high turnover rate of retail employees further compounded the need for an efficient and reliable solution.

Hanshow's ESL solution has successfully addressed these challenges by eliminating the need for overtime work, alleviating pressure from both employees and management, and providing a fast, flexible, and dependable all-around digital solution. The adoption of Hanshow's ESL technology has not only provided Office Shoes stores with a competitive edge but has also improved the overall customer experience. The ability to instantly update prices and product information ensures accurate and consistent pricing across all stores, enhancing transparency and instilling trust among customers.

Customer satisfaction with Hanshow's ESL solution is evident from the feedback received. According to Dániel Frenyó, the Head of Logistics at Office Shoes, "Hanshow's ESL solution has brought us peace of mind, eliminating concerns about employee complaints on overtime, avoiding unrevealed human mistakes, and saving us valuable time and efforts. The implementation has been swift and seamless, leaving us fully satisfied."

Hanshow's ESL solution offers affordable and sustainable long-term benefits, surpassing the initial investment and development costs. With competitive prices and excellent local support, Hanshow has become a trusted partner for Office Shoes in their pursuit of retail excellence.

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