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The Slim 22P and 22P LED: sleek, new and eye-catching

Prestop is known for its expertise in custom-made products. With our team of expert designers, draftsmen and assembly workers, we can create a wide range of products. Whether creating brand new products or modifying existing products, you've come to the right place at Prestop.

Innovative modifications to an existing Slim product
Our skills are excellently reflected in the Slim 22P and Slim 22P LED. We fitted the base of the Slim 24L with portrait screens, one of which stands out with its LED lighting edge.
Steel in different colors
Standard Prestop kiosks are available in black or white, but any RAL color is available for additional costs.

LED lighting in different colors
The LED lighting on the side is also possible in different colors. You can easily adjust this yourself with the included remote control. This way, you can match the kiosks with your brand image through the colors of hardware and LED!

Information, ordering, registration and more with a kiosk
The Kiosk Slim 22 "P and Slim 22 "P LED are versatile. Whether you want to use them as a shop-in-shop or self-service ordering kiosk in your Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), information kiosk in your store or as a registration kiosk during events or at company locations, these kiosks offer various application possibilities.

Improve shopping experience and efficiency.
-Shop-in-Shop order kiosk: Improve the shopping experience by implementing integrated order kiosks. This allows customers to select and order products quickly and easily, resulting in less waiting time and higher customer satisfaction. The clear top screen indicates what customers can expect at the kiosk.
-Self-Service Kiosk in your QSR: Speed is crucial in the QSR industry. These kiosks provide a solution to speed up ordering and payment processes. Customers can create their own meals, modify orders and checkout easily. This reduces crowding at the cash registers and improves overall throughput, keeping both customers and profits growing satisfied.
- Information kiosk in your store: Enrich the shopping experience by providing customers with product information and offers. The top screen provides an interactive information resource where customers can find product information, compare prices and even read reviews. This not only increases customer engagement, but also boosts sales.
- Sign-in kiosk at business or events: Turn Slim 22 portrait kiosks into efficient sign-in kiosks at business locations or during events. Customers and guests can register quickly and effortlessly, reducing wait times and improving the overall experience. Personalizing sign-in processes and collecting valuable data becomes easy with these kiosks.

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