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Impressions from EuroCIS

The trade fair experience in pictures

Image: Visitors enter the fair via stairs and escalator; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
On Tuesday, the time had finally come – EuroCIS 2022 opened its doors. After a three-year break, many visitors did not want to miss the opportunity to marvel at the latest technologies and trends from the retail industry on site.
Image: A person stands with arms outstretched at the stand of Blockstore; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Visitors from all over the world were not the only ones who came to the fair. Exhibitors also came from almost everywhere. Blockstore came from the far north of Europe, from Finland, to present their latest solutions in Düsseldorf.
Image: A person speaks with an exhibitor of Optimum; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Optimum also came from the north, but not from Europe. The company from Canada did not miss the opportunity to come to Germany for three days at EuroCIS.
Image: A person talks to an exhibitor at the booth of Pax; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Pax Technology had come a long way from China. At their booth, they presented the latest POS hardware. Many conversations with visitors to the trade fair testified to the interest in the promising systems.
Image: A Sunmi exhibitor talks to a visitor; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
The Sunmi company also traveled to EuroCIS in Düsseldorf from China to present various printers such as point-of-sale printers and coupon printers to the interested trade audience.
Image: Two people sitting at a table and talking; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Sewoo also came from Asia, more precisely from the Republic of Korea, and also with modern printers in its luggage. Mobile and handheld printers are one of the many trends that visitors got to see at EuroCIS.
Image: A person talks to another person at the Flip booth; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
The start-up Flip from Stuttgart did not have a quite so long journey. Flip was one of many young, innovative companies presenting their solutions at this year's EuroCIS. In total, the start-up hub included 13 companies full of dynamism and trend-setting ideas.
Image: Three people talking during a retail salsa Tech Talk; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
A premiere and directly one of the highlights were the three retail salsa Tech Talks on the topics of automation and AI, smart stores and interactive touchpoints. Host Ben Giese (center) led through all three talks on Wednesday and asked the questions that could shape the future of the industry.
Image: Two people stand on a stage and hold presentation; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Anyone who wanted to learn more about specific topics had plenty of opportunities to do so on the two stages - the Retail Technology Stage and the Connected Retail Stage. Various exhibitors and experts shared their knowledge, experiences and ideas for the future with the interested audience.
Image: Host Alexa von Busse on a stage; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Host and journalist Alexa von Busse set the scene for the presentations on the stages, guiding the audience through the three days of the trade fair with competence and humor.

The shopping experience at the point of sale

Technologies for the shopping tour of tomorrow

Image: A person explains the Nomitri shopping cart o a visitor; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
In general, the shopping of the future begins with an empty shopping cart as well. Various suppliers presented their intelligent shopping carts at EuroCIS. The Nomitri model offers a holder for a tablet or smartphone, which can then be used to scan the products purchased.
Image: A SmartShopper shopping cart from Expresso; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Expresso follows a similar concept. Here, the shopping carts are directly equipped with hand scanners and scales. Products that are placed in the trolley can therefore be scanned directly by the customers and no longer have to be weighed. Due to the weight, the trolley also records the quantity immediately.
Image: A white price display on a shimmering blue background; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
With Vusion Rail, ses-imagotag offers an interactive display that not only shows prices but also plays effects. Besides the relief of no longer having to change price tags, the customer experience is taken to a new level.
Image: A person uses a messenger to ask a co-worker about something; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Most people nowadays also use messengers for communication. Slace offers solutions with which customers can inform themselves about products or receive general information directly in the shop via their own messenger from employees.
Image: A person explains an information display to a customer; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Info steles, digital shop windows and touch screens are becoming increasingly popular. They enable customers to decide which products they would like to buy before they enter a shop. In addition, information about the products can be called up quickly and easily. Here is a solution from PresTop.
Image: A person draws a number from a terminal; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Nobody likes standing in line. With number assignment systems like Delfi's, customers can always see when it's their turn. Unnecessary waiting and long queues at the checkout are a thing of the past. Numbers can be drawn as soon as the customer enters the store or only when the end of the purchase is in sight.
Image: A cash desk and terminal with various products; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Modern checkout counters are important for both classic checkout systems and self-checkout systems. High reliability and low susceptibility to errors play just as important a role as ease of use for customers and staff. Here a self-checkout terminal from Pan Oston.
Image: A person operates a self-checkout terminal; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Quingdao CCL is also a provider of self-checkout systems. These kind of systems have become increasingly popular in recent years and have already found their way into many larger supermarkets. For many retailers, self-checkout is currently considered the most important technology in food retailing.
Image: A person uses a smartphone to buy a bicycle; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Shopping via smartphone is easy and convenient. But many people are still put off by the sometimes opaque processes. The company warrify offers various solutions to display bills, receipts and coupons on the mobile phone and thus always keep track of one's expenses.
Image: A person scans a carton of milk with their smartphone camera; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Scan&Go is one of the big trends in the retail industry. Instead of having to wait at the checkout for employees to scan their products, customers scan their purchases directly via smartphone and pay via app. There is no need to search for change or stand in line. Here is one such example from Shopreme.

Innovations at EuroCIS

Technologies for the store of the future

Image: A sneaker on the shelf, a screen next to it; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Information about the product – directly at the product. With modern LCD screens and info steles, retailers can offer their customers more product information at the POS than ever before. Here is an example at Bütema's booth.
Image: A white camera; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
The automated store of the future offers countless possibilities for simplifying the shopping experience. One important component here: cameras. They register the behavior of customers and detect which products have been removed from the shelves. Here, a camera from Axis.
Image: A person takes a pack of cookies out of a shelf, a camera above it; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Zucchetti also offers solutions for the automated store. Grab&Go technology makes it possible for customers to simply take goods in the desired quantity from the shelves and leave the store by performing a scan at the exit. The payment process runs completely automatically, without cash registers.
Image: A person takes a red can from the shelf, in the background a screen; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Smart shelves offer advantages for customers and retailers alike. They accurately display the current fill level of certain shelves and certain products. This makes reordering more convenient and easier, as can be seen here in the example of Bizerba.
Image: A person uses a screen via gesture control; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
In times when hygiene is a high priority, touchless screens are an innovative technology. As with regular terminals, interactive touchpoints with gesture control can be used for a wide variety of POS applications. Here is an example from Ameria.
Image: A person looks at a watch in an interactive mirror; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Interactive mirrors are especially interesting for retailers who offer clothing, shoes or accessories. Just like in a regular mirror, the worn products can be viewed. The interactive mirror then displays additional information. Example from PresTop.
Image: A person uses a smartphone to complete a purchase at the exit of a store; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Checkout-free shopping is seen by many as the shopping of the future. Instead of having to stand in line at a checkout, customers scan their purchases themselves using an app and then leave the store, also with a scan. This saves time and nerves. Here is a solution from GK Software.
Image: An electronic shelf label; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
Electronic shelf labels are not only sustainable – they also save costs for retailers. Another advantage is that paper labels no longer need to be replaced. This gives employees more time for other things. Here, labels at the E-Shelf-Labels booth.
Image: A customer uses a handheld scanner on a smart cart; copyright: Andreas Wiese/Messe Düsseldorf
The shopping carts of the future can do much more than just transport goods. They also function as product scales and offer the option of scanning via app or handheld scanner and even paying for goods. Here is a smart shopping cart from Shekel.
Image: An information robot with a display as its head; copyright: Laura Wagner
To provide customers with service and advice at all times, retailers can deploy sophisticated robots. These always-friendly employees can perform a variety of tasks, from greetings to directions to specific product descriptions. Here, a self-driving robot from DeDuCo.

retail salsa Tech Talks: live @ EuroCIS 2022

Three jars that lie horizontally, from where different spices are spilled; copyright: diana-polekhina-unsplash

Automation & AI

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Smart Stores

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Hummus in a bowl, on a cutting board with bits of flatbread; copyright: pexels-eat-kubba

Interactive Touchpoints

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