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At this year's EuroCIS, GK Software presents cloud solutions for the retail industry of the future

At this year's EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, GK Software SE will present possible applications and flexible extensions of its full-service platform GK CLOUD4RETAIL.

  • GK shows latest version of SaaS platform GK CLOUD4RETAIL
  • Transition to cloud – SaaS contracts account for half of GK's new contracts in 2021
  • Pop-up container with the new "grab-and-go" store concept GK GO
  • GK at EuroCIS in hall 10, booth C42
GK will be providing the latest insights into its self-developed Big Data solution "GK SPOT", which retailers can use, among other things, to suggest individual offers to their customers across all channels and in real time. Trade fair visitors will also have the opportunity to experience GK's latest solutions in the area of "grab-and-go" shopping in a specially set-up container pop-up store. Additional thematic focuses of the trade show appearance will be on AI, personalization and dynamic pricing. GK CLOUD4RETAIL and all the solutions it contains are part of GK's end-to-end enterprise cloud platform, which enables retailers to make stores a central part of seamless omnichannel processes. Demand for SaaS solutions is currently growing massively: for example, half of GK's new customers in 2021 already opted for a cloud-based SaaS contract.

The exhibition will showcase GK's entire portfolio of solutions, which is designed to anticipate the ever-changing needs of international retailers at an early stage and help them to accompany consumers along the entire shopper journey. In addition, this year there will be the following main topics:

GK SPOT - Big Data platform for real-time utilization of trading data

GK SPOT is the beta version of GK's latest Big Data solution, which has been designed to meet the unique needs of the trading industry. The native cloud solution is based on a microservices architecture and is open for 3rd party solutions that can access the fast long-term storage in the cloud via interfaces. In this cloud storage, all relevant transaction data is stored over a vast period of time and is available for real-time queries by both retailers and customers. One of the most important use cases currently being implemented is hyperpersonalization, i.e. AI-based and individualized customer targeting in real time at every touchpoint. This enables retailers to reach a completely new level of communication on products and offers tailored to customer needs.

GK GO - Shopping without checkout lines and scanner beeps

For the first time, GK is demonstrating how contactless services and unattended stores with automatic article registration can be implemented for retailers with its "GK GO" solution in Düsseldorf. Based on the GK CLOUD4RETAIL platform, GK has set up a fully autonomous store format in a pop-up container. This is remarkable for the fact that all transactions are visible in real time on the customers' smartphones. In the future, this will open up a direct feedback channel for retailers to communicate with consumers while they are shopping and not just afterwards. The hardware for GK GO comes from partners Hitachi (Lidar Technology) and Shekel (intelligent shelves).

GK AIR - Artificial Intelligence for Retail features for a better customer experience

The starting point of almost every shopping experience today is the customer approach prior to the planned purchase. This can be significantly supported by 1:1 recommendations and actions tailored to individual customer needs. The booth will showcase how the AIR platform's cloud-based AI services create personalized omnichannel experiences that create a positive shopping experience and drive higher sales. Another important use case of the AIR platform is Dynamic Pricing. Here, Artificial Intelligence helps retailers make the best pricing decisions across their entire product assortment to optimize their sales and revenue strategies. In this context, GK is also showcasing a new AI-driven mobile solution at the fair to avoid food waste in fast perishables.

DEUTSCHE FISKAL - Easy generation and storage of transactions

Complementing GK's product portfolio, Deutsche Fiskal's solutions will also be presented. The company offers the SaaS service Fiskal Cloud for the generation and storage of legally required electronic signatures and the corresponding storage of various receipt-related transactions.

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