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Smart shopping cart project was recently officially launched in Japanese supermarket and was well received

Smart shopping cart project was recently officially launched in Japanese supermarket recently by Trial Holdings Inc .Since June 8 last year, Superhii technology and Japan Trial Holdings co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation, the strategic cooperation results have been gradually implemented and have brought us some successful news . The smart shopping cart project should be a piece of good news .

Meanwhile, one of Superhii’s strategic partner Trail Holdings company also attended the Japanese Retail show with S700 model smart shopping cart ,the smart cart was well received at the exhibition . This should be the second good news .

The S700 model smart shopping cart is a newly developed product , which was dedicated developed for Japanese market . It took more than half a year to customize and develop them for Japanese market .

Many  customers and fans are familiar with S600 model smart shopping cart ,but they have never heard of S700 smart shopping cart . In terms of appearance, the S700 model smart shopping cart has a beautiful and eye-catching design. In addition to the touchable PAD screen, a barcode scanner is added next to the smart terminal tablet of the S700 smart shopping cart, which provides convenience for consumers to purchase heavy and bulky items. The S700 smart shopping cart is also equipped with a bottom tray shelf, which is convenient for placing large items.

At the same time, the S700 smart shopping cart is equipped with hooks on both sides, which is in line with the habit of Japanese consumers to carry umbrellas with them, which is convenient for hanging umbrellas and improves the shopping experience of consumers.

In addition, the basket of the S700 smart shopping cart is long and shallow, which is convenient for Japanese consumers to place their shopping baskets into the smart shopping cart basket for shopping.

Of course, the functions of the S700 smart shopping cart are not inferior. In addition to supporting customers to scan the code for self-service shopping and self-checkout, it can also display real-time billing information to customers at any time, collect customers' shopping data, and then push coupons to them.

Just a few days after its launch, the S700 smart shopping cart has received a lot of attention from Japanese consumers , Japanese customers spoke highly of the smart shopping cart and commented that the smart shopping cart is “convenient , easy-to-use and saves time .”

Since Superhii Inc entered the Japanese market in 2019 for the first time , Superhii Technology has successively launched its X75, S600, and S700 model smart shopping carts into Japanese supermarkets, and the Japanese market continues to expand.

This time , the new S700 smart shopping cart project has further deepened the link and connection between Superhii Technology and the Japanese market and Japanese consumers, and also promoted the product line extension and landing application.

In the future, based on the strategic cooperation between Superhii Inc and Trial Inc, more smart shopping cart projects will be launched in Japan, and the Superhii smart shopping cart will surely bring the ultimate shopping experience to more and more consumers. (Author : Superhii , Cindy Xin )


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