EuroCIS 2024: Live-experience AND hybrid value

At EuroCIS...

you will find innovations and get the latest insights.

you maintain contacts and find new suppliers or business partners.

you prepare purchase decisions.

Digital Extension: The hybrid EuroCIS

Bild zu online event der Messe EuroCIS; copyright: Shutterstock

The Who is Who meets in our Retail Technology scene

EuroCIS is the impulse generator for professionals from:

Grafik: Zwei Silouetten eines Menschen, copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
Grafik: Zwei Silouetten eines Menschen, copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Look who was on board in 2022 …

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Innovative, intelligent, forward looking – EuroCIS 2024

Hot Topics

Mann mit VR-Brille; copyright: C. Tillmann/Messe Düsseldorf


Mann auf Bühne spricht ins Publikum; copyright: C. Tillmann / Messe Düsseldorf