EuroCIS Forum 02/20/2019

Hall 10 / stand F04

Photo: Björn Weber, Lebensmittel Zeitung

Moderation: Björn Weber, Head of LZ Retailytics, Lebensmittel Zeitung




11:00-11:20 am

Permanent Retail Revolution - How to make your customer experience tasty and trendy

Nico Karges, Senior Sales Consultant, Zucchetti GmbH

Photo: Nico Karges

11:20-11:40 am

The future of food - traceability & sustainability with Blockchain

Agnes Heftberger, Vice President, Consumer Industries, IBM Deutschland GmbH

Foto: Agnes Heftberger

11:40-12:00 pm

Enhancing the Customer Experience at the Point-of-Sale

Stephen Bergeron, Vice President Global Marketing & SMARTtill Business Development, APG Cash Management Solutions

Foto: Stephen Bergeron

12:00-12:20 pm

How Technology Will Change the Retail of the Future

Jan Blumbach, Principal, KPS
Florian Reimann, Principal, KPS

Foto: Jan Blumbach und Florian Reimann

12:20-12:40 pm

How to effectively train and inform employees in the retail sector using digital signage

Samuel Geisler, Managing Director, Peakmedia
Stefan Habetz, Technical Project Manager, dimedis

Foto: Samuel Geisler und Stefan Habetz

12:40-01:00 pm

Bring Online Experiences in Store Without the Amazon Go Price Tag

Samuel Mueller, CEO and Co-Founder, Scandit

Foto: Samuel Mueller

01:00-01:20 pm

Hype and Reality. BlockChain, Artificial Intelligence and BigData in Retail

Falk Wolsky, Head of Innovation, GK Software SE


02:00-02:20 pm

Store Innovation at Kroger with EDGE Shelf

Shelley Bransten, Corporate Vice President, Global Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft
Titus Jones, General Manager, R&D, Kroger

Photo: Shelley Bransten and Titus Jones

02:20-02:40  pm

Creating Smart Stores: Using Sensor Tech and Data Insights in Retail

Harry Horn, GM EMEA & VP Marketing Global, Scala

Foto: Harry Horn

02.40-03:00  pm

The World is Getting Conversational – And so Does Retail

Peter Engel, Business Architect SAP T&I, Machine Learning, SAP SE

Foto: Peter Engel

03:00-03:20 pm

CBA accelerate digital transformation for Smart Retail

Joerg Karpinski, Salesdirector, Huawei Deutschland

Photo: Joerg Karpinski

03:20-03:40 pm

Smart connected Solutions. The new EAS  is much more than Loss Prevention

Marco Furli, Service Business Manager, Checkpoint Systems International

Foto: Marco Furli

03:40-04:00 pm

A guided tour through the digitalized store of the future

Michael Larsen, Retail Innovation Manager, Hanshow

Photo: Michael Larsen

04:00-04:20 pm

Blockcain vs. AI? And pigs might fly!

Dr. Michael Goller, CTO, Detego

Foto: Dr. Michael Goller

6:00-10:55 pm

EuroCIS After Work Party


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