EuroCIS 2024 Review

Highlights from the world of Retail Technology

Our reporting from EuroCIS 2024

AI: using real-time information to optimize retail operations

A grand finale: the ideal payment experience

Happy customers through a personalized omnichannel journey

The Infinite Potential of Artificial Intelligence: highlight tour

Innovations for a Seamless Customer Journey: highlight tour

Our Specials: Events, Networking, Start-up hub

Retail technology solutions from EuroCIS exhibitors

Rethinking advertising communication?

Interview with Online Software, hall 9 / A58

Precise pricing and well-stocked shelves

Interview with Hanshow Technology, hall 9 / F39

Accurate and frictionless user experience

Interview with Toshiba, hall 9 / B42

Zutrittslösungen von heute und für morgen

Interview mit Salto Systems GmbH, Halle 9 / A17 (German Version)

Digital vom Eintritt bis zum Bezahlvorgang

Interview mit ITAB, Halle 10 / A22 (German Version)

Von Rebranding und digitalen Innovationen

Interview mit VusionGroup, Halle 9 / F03 (German Version)

Mehr als nur Bezahlen?

Interview mit Fiserv, Halle 9 / F21 (German Version)

Cash management made easy?

Interview with APG, hall 9 / A18

Sustainable printers for mindful consumers

Interview with Bixolon, hall 9 / E26

EuroCIS - Social Wall