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  • Abrantix AG

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Specialists for Payment Software Engineering Abrantix Ltd. was founded in Zürich in the year 2001. Abrantix is a private and independent company which is specialized in payment software engineering.
    Abrantix AG
  • Start-up

    MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme

    Ilmenau, Germany
    We at MetraLabs are specialists in mobile service robotics with long-term experience. In 2007, we launched the first interactive shopping robot in the world, which was granted the Thuringian Research
  • Qopius SAS

    Paris, France
    We're passionate about bringing artificial intelligence into the physical retail world, and making it easily deployable so together we can revolutionize the cumbersome and outdated way shopping is
  • S.A.M. Kuchler Electronics GmbH

    Klagenfurt, Austria
    Producing cold cuts used to be a physically tasking job with lots of unnatural movements. Working with S.A.M. machines is easy, fun and not detrimental to your health. They are ergonomically designed
  • Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions GmbH

    Neuss, Germany
    Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is retail’s first choice for integrated in-store solutions. The leading supplier of point-of-sale systems with a worldwide install base larger than any three
    Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions GmbH