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  • Top exhibitor
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    RELEX Solutions GmbH

    Wiesbaden, Germany
    Plan better. Sell more. Waste less. RELEX Solutions helps retailers, wholesale companies, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and
    RELEX Solutions GmbH
  • Top exhibitor

    SymphonyEYC GmbH

    Stuttgart, Germany
    You can't fix what you can't see. Thanks to our intuitive user interface and AI-powered prescriptive sales and consumer insights, it's easier than ever for manufacturers to identify opportunities for
    SymphonyEYC GmbH
  • ACTUM X, s.r.o.

    Praha, Czechia
    ACTUM Digital, as one of the largest independent digital agencies in Europe, boasts a family of more than 260 digital experts operating across three European offices. These professionals
    ACTUM X, s.r.o.
  • advarics GmbH

    Bochum, Germany
    The most innovative, device-independent merchandise management and cash register for lifestyle retail. New workflows, new possibilities - use your cell phone or tablet to pick up new goods, check
  • Premium Exhibitor

    Blue Yonder GmbH

    Karlsruhe, Germany
    Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain transformations and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Our end-to-end, cognitive business platform enables retailers, manufacturers and
    Blue Yonder GmbH
  • Start-up


    Istanbul, Türkiye
    buybuddy is at the forefront of retail innovation, transforming the shopping experience with our cutting-edge smart tag technology. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate the digital and
  • Colleqtive B.V.

    Huizen, Netherlands
    Colleqtive helps leading retailers to unify and streamline store operations through our platform and intuitive apps. Real-time connectivity At Colleqtive, we empower your retail employees with
  • Premium Exhibitor

    Consulting for Retail

    Prague, Czechia
    Consulting for Retail, a part of the international Atriny Group,  provides innovative AI-based solutions and full scope of consulting & implementation services for end-to-end retail
    Consulting for Retail
  • EasyFill AB

    Bräcke, Sweden
    EasyFills's Turning Shelves First In, First Out A utomatic Facing Turn the shelf Refill from behind without removing older products and with no need to check expiration dates Turn the shelf back
    EasyFill AB
  • Epson Europe B.V.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    WELCOME TO EPSON EUROPE As a subsidiary of the Seiko Epson Corporation, we have the presence and credibility of a global brand, coupled with the professionalism and attention to detail of a Japanese
    Epson Europe B.V.
  • GoFact ApS

    Ikast, Denmark
    GoFact provides intuitive and flexible software to BOOST RETAIL SALES and ACTIVATE STOCK. GoFact automatically analyzes which actions to take in order to maximize sales and profit. Our software gives
    GoFact ApS
  • Invafresh Limited Corporation

    Mississauga, CA, Canada
    Invafresh is transforming fresh food retail operations with the only centralized platform solution designed specifically for the perimeter store. Currently trusted by over 350 grocery retailers
  • Invent Yazilim Danismanlik A.S.

    Bakirkoy/Istanbul, Türkiye
    Invent Analytics’ AI-powered solutions deliver significant financial improvement by empowering retailers to profit-optimize their supply chain. It orchestrates a retailer’s
    Invent Yazilim Danismanlik A.S.
  • Newland EMEA BV

    Culemborg, Netherlands
    Make everyday tasks easier, faster and more intuitive To keep up with ever-changing customers, you need to move as quickly and fluidly as they do. You need to act quickly and make a lasting
    Newland EMEA BV
  • Premium Exhibitor

    poe GmbH & Co. KG

    Büren, Germany
    THAT'S WHY poe We are a software development company in the field of ERP / merchandise management and POS cash register systems that relies on future-oriented technologies (e.g. cloud solutions / web
    poe GmbH & Co. KG
  • Slimstock BV

    Deventer, Netherlands
    Founded in 1993, Slimstock has become the market leader in inventory optimization in Europe. Slim4 is a holistic solution for forecasting, demand planning and inventory control and was developed and
    Slimstock BV
  • StrongPoint ASA

    Oslo, Norway
    StrongPoint ASA
  • Unique Technology Europe B.V.

    Tilburg, Netherlands
    Founded in 1979 in Taiwan, unitech is a global provider of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technologies with over 40 years experience. Unitech offers a wide range of products such as