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Our products

Product category: Hand-held devices, mobile computers

AutoID6 Series Handheld Terminal

The AutoID6 handheld touch screen terminal from Seuic features a Marvell Intel XScale ™ PXA3XX 806 Mhz processor, 256 MB of memory (RAM) and a non-removable, built-in bulk storage memory of 4GB, Micro SD Card, 32GB SDHC compatible. The industrial transflective touch screen display of the AutoID6 is 3.5-inches with 240(W)×320(L) (QVGA), with its clear, crisp and vividly colored images.

The AutoID6 handheld terminal supports the full range of communication modules, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to GPRS and HSPA.

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Product category: Hand-held devices, mobile computers

AutoID7P Series Handheld Terminal

The AutoID7P Series handheld terminal from Seuic is a fantastic and highly effective technology designed for intensive wireless communications and barcode scanning. With a capacity of 10,000 barcode scans per day, the AutoID7P is built for demanding outfield and infield applications, while its robust and durable design also bears utility in mind, with its comfortable grip. The AutoID7P from Seuic boasts stable performance and is the perfect technology for a whole host of challenging environments, including logistic and sorting centers, storage supply chains, workshops, stereo garages, cold chain settings and ports.

AutoID7P Series Handheld Terminal Features
Busy warehouses, factories, sorting facilities and workshops need a system of organization and categorization. The AutoID7P handheld terminal from Seuic makes it possible for staff to store, move and search through goods with this comprehensive and powerful barcode scanner. The AutoID7P, with its Marvell Intel XScale ™ PXA3XX 806 Mhz processor, Micro SD Card storage (32GB SDHC compatible) and 256 MB of memory (RAM), has been designed to decrease the workload on staff by increasing their efficiency.

Compatible operating systems include Microsoft Windows CE or Microsoft Windows Mobile. The AutoID7P has a 2.8-inch industrial color LCD screen with 1D/2D scan technology and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS communication modules. Its detachable 3.7VV 2700Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a quick charge time of only four hours and can power continuous use for 6 hours, even with a bright screen, a scanning rate of 600 times per hour and WLAN transmission. Also supplied is a built-in backup (non-removable) battery.

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Product category: Hand-held devices, mobile computers

AutoID9 Series Handheld Terminals

he AutoID9 from Seuic is a new generation Android handheld terminal that boasts a fantastic suite of applications, as well as easy, yet powerful operating capabilities. This high performance all-in-one device has specifically been designed to withstand the rigors of continuous use in punishing environments. In spite of its rugged and durable design (IP67 compliant), the AutoID9 handheld terminal wards off hand fatigue with its strong and comfortable grip.

The AutoID9 Series: Built For Tough Industrial Environments
The defining characteristic of the AutoID9 handheld terminal is its rugged, durable design that’s been built for the most challenging and punishing industrial environments. With its high sealing rate (IP67), this technology performs beautifully in dusty, sandy, humid and even wet environments, while its touchscreen can be operated by both a gloved and ungloved finger. The AutoID9 handheld terminal also prioritizes user experience with its virtual and physical keyboard keys making it super easy to use in any location and for a myriad of tasks.

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Tactile EMEA was established in 2015 as a spin off of Tactile Technologies South Africa, a key player in the South African touch screen & scanning industry. Tactile EMEA has a wealth of product knowledge in printing-, scanning-, payment- and touch technology. It is our goal to establish distribution networks for brands new to the EMEA region. We can also act as representative and deliver the professional service your company is looking for.

Our product portfolio
Representing a number of manufacturers, we have a 95% success rate of matching a suitable product to our clients' needs. We can offer handheld terminals for a variety of applications such as warehousing-, retail-, industrial and others. Terminals are available for Windows and Android. We offer open frame touch monitors from 15" up to 27".

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